Adoption Agencies….?

Question by ems: Adoption Agencies….?
Does anyone know any good International Adotion Agencies?
Money is not the problem. I don’t understand how I would go about adopting from another country. Can someone please explain the process? Can someone recommend an adoption agency, maybe one you’ve used or a friend to adopt a child

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They’re all good at getting kiddies. You have to be more specific about “good” and include how much money you have to spend. It will make a big difference.

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I recommend these adopting internationally children products

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4 thoughts on “Adoption Agencies….?”

  1. Can you be a little more specific? Is there a particular country program you’re looking at? There are some large agencies with many country programs and some smaller ones with only a couple of programs.

    Here are a couple of sites:

    Also look at the US state department sites on intercountry adoption (it’s country-specific). A good overall look at the international adoption process is presented in the book “How to Adopt Internationally.”

    IA is a daunting process. Parenting adopted children from another country has a lot of challenges. Start by information gathering. Email me if you have any specific questions.

    Best of luck to you.

    ETA: Sorry, I’m having trouble adding the links!

  2. well i have 2 foster sisters and the agency we went with is path ways there really nice and help you with your every need so i think you should try them . P.S. if you get a child that is addicted to drugs be ready for a whole lot of screaming!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think WACAP is an ethical and giving agency. Process? Packet, apply, homestudy, approval or disapproval, tons of agency and INS paperwork, receive a referral, make first trip, meet your child, return home, second trip, court hearings, if approved– come home with your child. Not all families are approved and not all families should be approved. Timeline? From first call to returning home, about 18 months to three years.

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