Adoption? How do you do it? Please help!!!!?

Question by ellacoolgirl: Adoption? How do you do it? Please help!!!!?
how do you go about adopting a baby or kid?

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Answer by Queen SarcasticCat
Go to Craig’s list…

Seriously, you need an attorney first, then contact a legitimate agency.

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Child adoption is a long process requiring extensive paperwork and a variety of steps, from social worker visits to traveling internationally. Discover the s…

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17 thoughts on “Adoption? How do you do it? Please help!!!!?”

  1. I want to adopt too, i’m only 15 at the momentt, but i plan to in the future, i don’t have a clue where to start either! We should stay in touch and keep each other updated x

  2. You have several options & the steps would be different depending on which option you choose.

    You could adopt from foster care. To do this, contact your state office of child welfare (go to to find the contact info). They’ll guide you through the steps. You will likely go through foster/adoptive parent training classes, a criminal and child abuse background check, home visits, etc.

    If you choose to adopt domestically privately, you can contact an attorney or adoption agency to help you. You will need to go through the home visits, etc. for the approval process and then your profile will be made available for a birth mother to choose from. Your attorney or agency will guide you through the process.

    If you choose to adopt internationally, I highly recommend that you choose an agency to work with. You can go to to research which country you might like to adopt from. From there, Google “international adoption” and the country name to find agencies with programs in that country. I’ll describe how we chose our agency below — you can use this info for private/domestic or international.

    You can make a spreadsheet of the agencies that you can use to adopt. Compare things like typical wait time, travel time, travel expenses that are projected, post adoption support, costs, etc. From there come up with the top five agencies (or attorneys) you’d like to consider. Call them and interview them, asking them questions that are important to you, getting a feel for their level of “customer service”. Ask for and call their references. Ask tough questions like if they’d change anything about their experience, what the positives and negatives were about working with the agency and whether or not they’d use them again. After that, research & find other families who’ve used them, too, (online) and contact them to ask the same questions. Check the Better Business Bureau and see if they have complaints and how they were or were not resolved.

    I hope this helps!

  3. I’m assuming you are wanting to adopt yourself. If so, you can go quite a few ways. Private, agency, cps(child protective services), foster-adopt…..

    Decide what type of child you are first wanting-age, ethnicity, special needs, etc and then make a list of things that would not work with your family. Have this before you start looking.

    There are countless websites to look at children and get a feel of who you are looking for. Some just act on faith and get the perfect fit. Others go a more detailed route and it either works or doesnt. Adoption usually does not happen overnight so be prepared to wait.

    There are countless agencies out there that will do both domestic adoption and international adoption. you will know what is right for your situation. They pretty much all cost the same. Foster-adopt or through the state has only nominal charges and the children usually come with some sort of medical and school(college) allowances-but varies per state. It is a lot easier to adopt within your own state.

    adoptuskids has a website but I cant remember if it is .org or .com. I can also give you some good names, and a not so good one for international adoption. Regardless of how, you will need a homestudy. there is an 800 number and website for those if you get one done privately. But once again if you go through the state, its no cost to you.

    Best of luck…Sheri

  4. Any child deserves a sweet home and loving parents. To adopt a child which must be a long process, future parents diligently search necessary steps. If they bring a child from overseas, finding out international law, etc is very important. This information will be found at God bless for all children.

  5. find a relative to take them,if not, then find people outside the family to take them.90% of these children are not abuse and come from loving homes with loving parents,they become abused when they get into the CPS and adoption system. Do some research on adoption & CPS if you like I can give you some links to groups that are trying to keep families together.Read some of the bio-parents horror stories on how CPS and Adoption Agencies did to them.let me know if you want the links.

  6. don’t spank or corrected and the child gets in trouble,again, your the bad parent.It’s a no win matter for parents with CPS and Adoption Agencies that want children to get funding and money from adoptive parents that want to adopt so desperately.CPS & Adoption Agencies lie,badger,bribe,fabricate abuse to get the child/ren to meet the demands of adoptive parents and federal funding. Stop funding and give most of these children back to their parents.The ones that are really being abused~cont~

  7. Do you believe that every single child in their Agencies don’t have a home?c’mon,let’s be serious here. if you got kicked out of your home,you don’t have someone in your family that will take you in?Are you also going to tell me that over 160,000 people abuse 80,000 kids? The numbers that CPS throws out to the community of abused children is bull crap! you spank your child,your abusing the child and your a bad parent,~cont~

  8. This is spam!! promotion in stealing,selling and buying children.Adoption Agencies and CPS gets federal & CPS funding,while making over $40,000.00 per child on the side from adoptive parents.I’m tired of funding these organizations.We the tax payers are going to stop funding’s and if possible we’ll shut them down for good.

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