adoption rates? percentage or number?

Question by .: adoption rates? percentage or number?
what amount or percent of children that are put up for adoption are actually adopted?

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Answer by Lucky
Depends on what type of adoption your talking about, if we are talking domestic infant adoption in America the number is something close to 100%, some may not but the vast vast majority are adopted. In foster care adoptions, alot depends on the age of the child in question and how attempts at reunification go.

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  1. As Lucky said…what type of adoption are you asking about? Domestic = infants thru adoption agencies/adoption lawyers, foster care adoption, or international adoption? Adoption by strangers or adoption by family members?

  2. In infant adoptions, there were about 2,000,000 couples/singles wanting to adopt about 58,000 children placed for adoption in 1984, a ratio of 35:1. Since 1984, the rate of unwed mothers relinquishing has declined significantly, with less than 1% relinquishing now, while the number of couples seeking to adopt has increases with increasing infertility rates, increased interest by single adopters, and gay and lesbian couples. Depending on which agency statistics you choose to believe, anywhere from 25 to 50% of prospective infant adoptions fail to place (birth mother changes her mind.) There are claims that this number is lower for “open” adoptions. Adoption agencies that provide crisis pregnancy services such as BCFHS Angel’s Cove or LDS Family Services claim that between 10 to 33% of unwed mothers utilizing their services eventually choose to relinquish, compared to a 1% rate within the overall population.

    Approximately 20,000 children (out of 542,000) “age out” of the US foster care system each year, while more than 20,000 children are brought into the US from foreign countries each year in international adoptions.

    Just under 1 in 8 adoptions “disrupt” or fail before they are finalized, and about 1% dissolve (fail after legally finalization.) Most of these are foster care or international adoptions.

  3. The federal government does not require states to report the number of adoptions, therefore an accurate number is not available, at best the numbers that are out there, can only be questimations.

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