Question by Tombstone X: Adoption??
* What is adoption?
* Do you know anyone who was adopted as a child?
* Do you know anyone who has adopted a child?
* What are some of the reasons people choose to adopt?
* What is the difference between domestic and international adoption?
* What are the views of adoption in your country?
* How would someone interested in adopting a child go about doing so?
* Where do children available for adoption come from?
* What happens to children that are not adopted?
* How do you go about adopting a child?
* Would you want to adopt a boy or a girl? Why?
* Do you think brothers and sisters should be separated in adoptions?
* Are adoptions common in your country?
* What are some organizations that help with adoptions?
* Should you tell the child that he or she was adopted? If so at what age? Or when?
* Should adopted children have the right to know their biological parents?
* Should families with birth children also adopt?
* Is the real parent the birth parent or the adoptive parent?
* Should adoptions be between children and families of the same race and or culture?
* How or should the adoptive parents maintain the adopted child’s cultural identify?
* In your country are the legal rights of an adoptive child different from that of a birth child?
* What are the legal consequences of adopting a child from a different race or country?
* Why don’t more people adopt a child?
* What makes a family, genetics or environment?
* Do you support an open adoption policy where the birth parents can choose to be involved in the child’s life?
* Do you believe there is discrimination within the adoption organizations?
* Do you think a person should be able to adopt a child of a different race?
* Should a gay or lesbian couple be allowed to adopt a child?
* Should there be an age restriction for the adoptive parents?
* Should a single man or woman be able to adopt a child?
* If you were to find out that you were adopted and not really from the country where you are a citizen, which nationality would you hope would be your true mother country? Why?
* When is the right time for a child to be told that he/she was adopted?
* Do you think it is preferable to adopt or to use artificial reproduction technology?
* Would you agree to an open adoption or closed adoption? Why?
* What is an open adoption?
* Would you want to find your birth family? Why or why not?

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Answer by eve
Is this for a course for school or something??

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3 thoughts on “Adoption??”

  1. If you want truthful and honest answers go to

    It will even explain to you how the words “adoption” and “orphan” have been abused and misused by Ap’s trying to get babies and agency’s trying to sell them.

  2. I think you have perfectly typed out each of your questions in a suitable format through which you may google everything yourself. Just cut and paste…and then you will know.

  3. im only answering some as there is so many, i know ppl who have adopted 2 babies as they cannot have their own i know someone who was adopted as a child he was 13 at the time although was in fostercare from toddleryrs and doesnt remember his parents adoptive children are from homes of parents who cannot care for them, removed from homes, parents who have passed, etc… ideally bros and sis should be together but it isnt always possible/ adoptions should not matter through race or culture as long as everyone is comfortable with the changes and no one forces religon or culture upon one another, family is ppl u love regardless of biologics. gay/lesbian couples should be allowed to adopt as they will love a child as much as someone of a different sexually orientation if not more and their sexual preference has no relation to their parenting abilites as i know many straight ppl who shouldnt have children as single shouldnt matter either as sometimes couples are worse together than may be apart

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