Can I foster or provide my home to help a child in need from Africa If i live in Germany?

Question by K.B.: Can I foster or provide my home to help a child in need from Africa If i live in Germany?

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Since I live in America I don’t know what Germany’s requirements are concerning adopting/fostering but I do personally know a missionary in Mozambique who is responsible for over 1600 orphans. Her website is and she is an Emergency Room nurse turned Christian missionary who set out pretty much by herself to remote areas where there wasn’t electricity, water, doctors, internet and has been there for 20 years. Her name is Brenda Lange and I sponsor a child through her ministry and maybe she can give you some adoption/fostering information. Good luck in your very unselfish and noble endeavor. 🙂

Also there are a few youtube videos of her orphanage on put Orphans Unlimited in the search box) if you are interested. Brenda is unique in that she is not part of any large organization or church but is dependent mostly on individuals. There are no big executive salaries or overhead and she is committed to her ministry for life.

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One thought on “Can I foster or provide my home to help a child in need from Africa If i live in Germany?”

  1. There are numerous international organizations, e.g. Save the Children, which provide for monthly “sponsorship” type of arrangements. The organization pools all “sponsorship” money to help the community. E.g. pool the sponsorships to build a school and hire a teacher for all those kids, provide an immunization or health care clinic for all those kids.

    This keeps these children with their families and friends, helps build up the community! Do NOT take one of these children from their homes, families, friends, familiar country and culture. Do NOT participate in any “foreign adoption” as many are huge scams, and they promote unwanted procreation simply for the purpose of selling a child, corruption at every level in the foreign country, kidnappings, child abductions, and a wide variety of actions which are harmful to the child and to the community and to the country as a whole. Foreign adoptions are NOT orphans!

    The best thing to do is to contribute money, time, talent, etc, to an organization which helps children on the ground, promotes family planning to prevent unwanted & neglected children, etc.

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