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Chinese Children Charity

Many people are already quite aware of the serious problem in China and all of the children there that are in great need. At first glance it may seem that none of us have anything that we can offer. But that just is not true. There are always children in great need of adoption and families that will love and care for them. Even if you are not in a position to adopt a child, there are other ways that you can help out. is one fabulous organization that is devoted to changing the lives of these orphaned children. By visiting their website, you can find out how you can help and how big the problem really is.

This outstanding charity was founded by a family in their own small basement. At that time they were hoping to simply help a few children. Miraculously, since then they have been able to help thousands of children find healthy and loving homes.

The mission of this organization is to find as many caring homes for these orphaned children as possible. Family and family values are incredibly important to the founders of this charity. Since the two founders are also the parents of adopted children, they understand firsthand how meaningful this experience really is.

Start by checking out the website for all information regarding adoption. It is important for families interested in adopting these children to understand that this is a very personal experience. It is not a matter of taking the next child in line but rather a matter of finding the right child that fits into your family. The adoption process can seem complicated and lengthy but it is essential in getting everyone on the right path. China is a country that has been in need of this type of assistance for many years.

When you adopt a child in China you will be required to travel there one time. It is necessary in order to make the adoption official.

You must be aware that this process can take quite a long time from start to finish. It can take as many as a few years before you are finally united with your adopted child. Patience is definitely essential if you are going to go through with this because nothing happens overnight. A home study is necessary and is part of the qualification process for families waiting to adopt. This is done as an evaluation to ensure the family meets all requirements and is approved based on government regulations.

This organization has helped more than eight thousand children to find families. The integrity of this establishment is outstanding. Families that choose to adopt through this charity will be pleased with their experience. Take a moment to browse through all of their helpful resources or to check out their frequently asked question section. You will likely find answers here to any questions that you may have. You may be interested in reading the stories of other families that have adopted children this way. Take your time when choosing to adopt a Chinese child but remember that it is about the difference you will make in their lives.

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KCAP A dances to “Lifting Your Veil” during the 2011 Chinese New Year celebration hosted by Central Ohio Children with Children from China. For more information about COFCC go to

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International adoption photolisting enables couples take right decision

If you have decided to go for international adoption, you need to consider few things before you actually finalize anything. Making your mind up for international adoption is one thing and getting your family prepared from heart is another. So, take some time and communicate with your family and see whether the members are ready to adopt the child from another country or not. Once assured, you should go forward and carry on the formalities. International adoption photolisting will help you browse the photos of the children that are ready for the adoption process.

Choose a good and renowned international adoption agency or go through the international adoption photolisting so that you get an idea about the children that are there.

This will help you make the selection in the right way.  Just keep in mind that the entire process is lengthy and time taking and you should be prepared for that. You will also need a lot of money as it is involved in international adoption process. You have to make some promises and be prepared for the officials arriving at your house to check whether the child has a good future there.

While selecting the country, you need to go through the adoptions rules and laws of that country and your country also. If you choose a Chinese baby for adoption you will have to go through the china adoption requirements and fulfill them after which you will be able to complete the adoption process. Find out the family background, if possible, and check the mental and physical health of the child before adoption.

China adoption requirements are specific and so you need to be married and within the age limit asked in the requirements.

Once you meet all the requirements to adopt from China, you can ask for the cost of the adoption and carry on other formalities. Remember, singles are not accepted under china adoption requirements. Before taking any decision, consult the respective agency and analyze whether you are able to fulfill all the conditions or not. Always give your details honestly and give your word to the adoption agency only when you are sure of following it.

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Performance at the 2011 Chinese New Year Celebration hosted by Central Ohio Families with Children from China. For more information about COFCC go to
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DNA Adoption Networking

With advances in computer technology and DNA science, it seemed likely that a way would be found for the far-flung children of China to find their birth families. That day seemed far off in the future. However that day is here now, and it has arrived 20 years before I expected it. A new kind of internet website provides the means for adopting parents of children adopted from China to discover if their child has a sibling, half-sibling, cousin or other relative adopted anywhere in the world. In addition, birth parents in China will be able to search for their biological child who has been adopted by a family living somewhere in the world. While China adoptions are the largest example of what is now possible, it applies to every adoption in the world today. I don’t think it is an overstatement to say that this is the most startling development in the field of adoption information in the past 25 years.

There are two new kinds of sites in particular that seem useful to the adoption community. They are interesting because both kinds are the first of a new genre of websites. The first are DNA social networking sites; the second are primarily gene-decoding sites.

1. DNA Adoption Networking

DNA Adoption Networking is a part of a new internet service the New York Times has called Zygotic Social Networking. These networking services permit users to build a social network around shared genetic material. Similar to Facebook, users are able to post photos, update their profiles, blog, and send messages to each other. More importantly, for adoptive families they facilitate searches for relatives and allow members to compare genetic makeup.

Basically, you sign up with the service, do a cheek swab, send it in, and a portion of your genetic makeup gets compared to others on the databank. You or someone else (somewhere in the world) can then click on a map that shows a marker for every other member around the world who shares genetic markers found in your DNA profile.

Perhaps even more amazing is that the creators of these sites believe that we are only at the beginning of their abilities and usefulness. Experts believe that every new discovery in the field of genetics will provide the users with new information about their identities.

A broad spectrum of the adoption community will be able to make use of these sites:

(i) who placed a child for adoption (or perhaps abandoned a child) can search for their child worldwide with one registration.
(ii) When a become teenagers or young adults, they often want to find out more about their roots. While they may not find their birth parents immediately, they may locate other relatives. In order to identify siblings, half-siblings, cousins or grandparents, it will be necessary for one of their biological parents to register on the site (At this time you need a parent to also register in order to say definitively that two relatives are siblings). Those relatives may turn up immediately or a decade or two later as new relatives register on the site.
(iii) . Life is long, and at some point when adopted children have become adults, they frequently want to look for their roots. While adoptive parents today usually explain to their children that they were adopted, that has not always been the case, nor is it universally true. As a result, individuals registering on these sites, who had no idea that they were adopted, may be in for a surprise.
(iv) who want to find siblings, birth parents, or other relatives of their adopted child can register their child. Parents registering children over 13 require the child’s agreement to do this. In fact, it appears that inquisitive adopted teenagers could likely register themselves if they have access to 9.
(v) may want to include information about DNA Adoption Networking in their adoption education programs. It’s a reality check for parents who state they want to adopt, but never want anything to do with the birth family and that’s why they want to adopt overseas. At some point their child may register and find relatives in other countries.

Not everyone involved in adoption will want to participate in this worldwide experiment in genealogical research. While most adopted children want to know who their biological parents are, this is not always true. However, for those who do want to know where their child is, or who their biological parent is, these websites are already producing results and matches. An ABC News video clip, which is accessed by a link on the home page, includes an interview with an adopted adult who only knew his birth date and place, and subsequently found relatives in several parts of the world.

Since DNA Adoption Networking will essentially provide a worldwide adoption reunion registry, people should think carefully before registering. While anyone can use one of these sites, special precautions need to be

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International adoption photolisting ? Adoption process simplified

Deciding for international adoption is not an easy thing because you have to make a commitment for the rest of your life. You have to merge the culture and many related aspects of two different countries. It is true that adopting children helps fill the empty heart and home as well. You have to be prepared for the lengthy formalities and paperwork as well as fulfill the China adoption requirements if you are going to adopt the child from China. It is good to visit any international adoption photolisting website so that you have a lot of options in front of you to choose from.

When you go through international adoption photolisting you can easily browse the list of children from the area you want to adopt the child. You can even get monthly email updates if you have plans for future.

You can collect all information regarding any particular child if you are interested in home or her. The international adoption photolisting includes the children that are ready and waiting for adoption. So, first you should learn and take certain necessary steps before you finalize adoption process.

Read and learn everything you can, regarding the international adoption and also the conditions regarding that. Remember, the process is lengthy and needs you to be financially strong. Analyze your ground realities and prepare yourself and your family emotionally. Select the country from which you would like to adopt the child. Think about your comfort level and make sure you are able to fulfill the china adoption requirements if the child is from this country.

You must be ready for the home study process, which includes three things – visit of a social worker in your home, collecting essential documents and you might need to attend adoption classes.

Focus on the status, health and age of the child and see whether he or she fits in your criteria or not. Select an agency that is reputable and you can do this with the help of Internet. If you are interested in a Chinese child, read the china adoption requirements and see whether you can fulfill them.

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Video that captures to love of an adopted family…
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