Child Sponsorship

In order to be eligible for sponsorship as a dependent child, the sponsored individual must fall into one of three categories:

Dependent children are the biological, or adopted, children of the parent under the age of 22 and not currently married or in a common law relationship.
Children 22 years or older can be considered dependent, in the event that they have been enrolled in full time studies since before turning 22 in a post secondary institution and have depended financially on parent since before age of 22 and are not married or in a common law relationship.
A child that has been unable to support his/herself due to a physical or mental condition and is financially dependent on a parent since before the age of 22 will be considered a dependent child. 

The age of the dependent child being sponsored is locked in at the time of application, meaning that the age considered for the purpose of sponsorship is the age of the dependent child on the day when the application is submitted.

Marital or Common-law Status
In order to be eligible to be sponsored as a dependent child, the sponsored individual must not be in a marital or common-law relationship at the date of the application, or when the individual comes to Canada.

Adopted Children
Adopted children are eligible to be sponsored; however the entire adoption process must be completed in advance of sponsoring the child to come to Canada.  Additional information in regards to international adoptions can be found by clicking here.

In addition an adopted child will only be eligible for sponsorship if the sponsor can demonstrate that he/she has obtained medical information regarding the condition of the child.

Sponsorship from Within Canada
A dependent child being sponsored can make an application from within Canada.

Additional Dependent Relatives
In addition to adopted and biological dependent children, another specific category of dependents may be eligible for sponsorship. In a situation where both the sponsored individual’s parents are deceased and they are under the age of 18, the sponsor’s brother, sister, niece, nephew, or grandchild may be sponsored.

Processing Times
In the interest of reuniting families, the Canadian immigration process prioritizes the sponsoring of dependent children. Family class sponsorship applications for dependent children, are processed ahead of all other Canadian Permanent Residency applications.

Estimated processing times, in regards to Family Class Sponsorship of a dependent child

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