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Face Cold , Fever tide, how do “Lingual stands” are not infected? October 28, Shenyang City Hall benevolence vegetarian Chinese famous doctor of Chinese medicine practitioners, director Xu disease through analysis of the situation of recent summary, with the current climate, environmental characteristics, Shenyang out of the public for the prevention side.

Year Influenza Cause more specific

Chinese medicine into the common cold, influenza and infectious influenza?? “Wen disease.” Either cold or warm diseases, the cause is as Pathogenic Factors. XU He said the flu this year, violent, and more unusual weather in Shenyang has a direct relationship. Shenyang this year, a sustained summer heat, hot sauna days, which makes the human body to heat stored up in the body. By the turn of autumn and winter when the abrupt temperature decrease, it always fits and starts, put a sudden chill in vivo results of the “hot” hook out.

Disease prevention before the key is not kept upright

Medicine that influenza can be prevented, the so-called “righteousness exist, the evil is not dry” to “avoid the gas,” “virtual thief evil wind, to avoid the sometimes.” As the weather changes unexpectedly, outside influences, a high risk of influenza virus, so there is no apparent disease before, we should be doing prevention work. Such as “evil”, that is, should increase vigilance against influenza, as little as possible to the cinema, supermarket, shopping malls and other public places. But Xu said the key thing is to “keep upright”, adjust the spiritual head, strengthening exercises, and living a law, improve the body immunity, these are the key to keep upright.

Drink Traditional Chinese medicine Effective in preventing

“Drink herbs can play an active role in prevention.” Reporter has learned that the Northeastern University, Shenyang City, the first clusters of cases found in a stream of schools, nursery children in its kindergarten next president In the “Shenyang Daily,” to see a stream in the prevention and control of prescriptions, the Chinese medicine hospital in Shenyang City, provides more than 80 bags for the children to take medicine. The result is delightful, the kindergarten children do not have a cold.

“But must follow the principle of syndrome differentiation”, Xu said, if you have a cold, due to the different nature of a sense of evil, drug treatment is also different. Spent on prevention, the same as each person’s specific situation is different, such as body mass, age, weight, etc. vary, it is best to take the Damai specifically requested the Chinese, vary, so that one side, a side.

[Prevention Cheats]

Eat well In addition to drug prevention

soup, daily diet, living is very important. Xu told a very interesting patient cases, patients with severe cold, after drug treatment, that was almost recovered, we should “eat well” to mend, lavish meals ginseng chicken soup, as well as the child is sick clamoring to eat on the “KFC”, in fact, is totally incorrect. Patients suffering from cold or warm, hot body, eat foods high in calories, is not conducive to the recovery of the body, or even burn even more severe. Therefore, the diet required to light the main, eat carrots, cabbage, potatoes are good for your health, do not give your stomach a burden.

In addition, the Chinese believe that “sweating the solution,” So, drink water, help to sweat detoxification. Hong


Experts say some patients rest at home, watching all day long TV , Internet, it can not break up the purpose. Recent weather has been cold, but not the supply of heating, the indoor temperature is very low, if not break after 10 pm, it is easy to cold pathogen invasion of cold sick. So every day, enough sleep and rest rules, a good rest for the treatment and prevention of influenza is very important.

Fast Prevention

According to current weather conditions in Shenyang,

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