Does anyone know if I can adopt the baby of a visiting international woman legally?

Question by peapodlmn: Does anyone know if I can adopt the baby of a visiting international woman legally?
We would like to pursue international adoption, and I was curious if you could bring the pregnant woman to the United States on a Visa and conduct the adoption this way. Please let me know. Thank you!

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Answer by Tom
No. Unlikely the mother could get a visa for that purpose.

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23 thoughts on “Does anyone know if I can adopt the baby of a visiting international woman legally?”

  1. If a foreign pregnant woman gives birth to a child in USA, this wouldn’t be an “international adoption”, but a regular adoption subject to the laws of your State.

    As to whether she can get a visa to USA, it depends on her situation.

    Consult an adoption lawyer.

  2. Absolutely not! She needs to have her baby in her own country, and then relinquish the child under the laws of her own country. Then you would proceed with the adoption in that country – IF they allow foreign adoption. Even if she has the baby in the US, the baby has rights to citizenship in the mother’s country of citizenship, and you would open a big can of worms. Plus she could not legally remain long enough to relignquish and for an adoption to be final. Of course, if she is pg, she probably will be denied admission to US anyway.

    There are a great many pitfalls in international adoption, and the practice should be outright prohibited. It puts children at terrible risks of trafficking, baby selling, child abductions, and other evils. It subjects you to possible charges of baby buying (if you provide even one cent to the mother), future lawsuits, immigration problems, and worse.

  3. My Aunt, my Grandmothers sister bought a Russian child. It drove my Grandmother crazy, she used to tell us how callous and selfish she thought her sister was being by buying someone else’s child. They always told Vincent he was adopted from Russia. When he turned 18 my Grandmother told him he was bought for $3,580 from a lady in St. Petersburg. He went to his parents and they proudly proclaimed it was true. That’s f***ed up.

  4. When will people wake up to stories such as Mr. Ryer’s? All people wonder about reality, about where they really come from, who they are, who they belong to. Only people making money on it produce the other narratives and stories that the “real” family is the one that “raises” you and so on. It is so selfish. It is wrong to take from people something so basic. Utterly astonishing how selfish such people are in doing that to others.

  5. So much of the catholic funds have been built on nothing but pain and death, bad activities. The indulgences, the blackmailing of people during “confessions,” the baby sales, the pedophilia things and payouts, orphanages that adults sometimes write about having survived. Is there any “clean” money to be found there at all? All europe became catholic this way, and even now, they try to make protestant areas change, like in the u.s. Why?

  6. It is very sad, but the catholic people are complicitous in believing that taking babies is “charity.” Now in the u.s., it is becoming like that, also. Jesus said, consider the lilies of the field. The idea that babies can be taken due to POOR PARENTS is something only a materialist, not a Christian (a real one) would ever believe. The history of baby factory orphanages for the papacy’s money chest is legendary. Some orphanages are necessary but the pope has a 25,000 room house, lol

  7. Hahah—- but the current leader of Spain was named, directly, by Franco. Luther was talking about this years ago, and the Waldensians and others, who experienced the same thing. They care only for money, power, control. Spain is only “catholic” like the other european countries because they killed anyone who wasn’t, (or said they weren’t, making liars of whole populations). You can’t force convert people like in Croatia!

  8. Catholic officials used their positions to open S. u.s. border, (to catholic immigrant only) to make u.s. turn catholic (it was 99% protestant at revolution and only one catholic signer). Since this, the protestants have more trouble having and keeping their own babies. CPS took 500 mormon children off in buses in Texas (trumped up charges), Catholic Reno burned “heretic” children at Waco while defying laws for catholic illegals. Jesus never said poor people should have babies taken away

  9. Puta im from el salvador.. and i speak spanish perfectly..
    spain has plenty of violence and corruptness like el salvador

  10. Although We don’t believe in genocide, there is a little matter of mercy killing. It is a shockingly sick world: did you know that an industry has developed with child sex slavery and murder? Child pornography apparently depicts full grown men raping two and three year old children to death, on film. And, this is produced so other full grown men can masturbate alongside the footage. Of course, such behavior, condoned, represents a tipping point.. The human won’t live long.

  11. On no occasion have I stated I am “cool with genocide.” Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

  12. Now imagine a world where men (even women) go around randomly raping, torturing and murdering any child they can lay their hands on. Children are the future, yet such children, if they survived at all. would be terribly damaged by the adults’ conduct. The human race would not survive. If GOD was truly genocidal towards the human race, Luke C.9, V.46-48 would not exist. Tell me who the genocidal maniacs really are?

  13. Most people criticizing GOD, or holy scripture do so because they have a hidden agenda: unwilling to live up to the moral standards, they seek only to discredit and undermine GOD. Such people do not earnestly wish to understand GOD, or IT’S directives. Consider Luke, C.9, V 46-48 wherein JC lays out a precondition to attaining GOD’s mercy: namely, that you NOT undermine the child’s rights. How do you think such a moral imperative resonates with a pedophile intent on raping children?

  14. Sorry, I do not accept the BIG BAD GOD picking on poor defenseless sheeple version of events. I do accept that both GOD and human beings possess an inalienable right to self defense. If you aggress against GOD, you’ve had it, and there will be no mercy. You have nothing to complain about.

  15. We’re not talking natural disasters, were talking God’s people who acted as God commanded them to(according to the bible stories), to kill an entire town’s worth of people(save the women, to rape) and establish God’s holylands. God threatened innocent children all the time.

    Lol that Harold Camping and his rapture. It was supposed to have happened within the lifetime of the generation that last witnessed Jesus alive, according to Jesus himself, it’s 2000 years late.

  16. So, in the past few decades, tens of millions of humans have been terminated by GOD via manipulation of natural forces. Technically, of course, GOD could put a cap on the power. However, there exists a little matter of universal/divine law. There are lines one must never cross: raping, torturing and murdering one’s future is certainly one of them: using GOD to promote the rape. torture and murder of one’s children is certainly another example. tick tock, tick tock

  17. Excuse the apparent cracks in the veneer, folks. Little matter of October 31, 2011 deadline which, handled improperly, will result in annihilation of human species. Anyhow, no mind, Back to issue of GOD, genocide and atrocity. GOD, as macrocosm, somewhat reflects human being. For example, if someone gets you upset, can you stop the emotion surge through your system? No. Neither can GOD, except that along with that surge arises consequences: earthquakes, solar explosions, etc

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