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According to Feb. 22 issue of “Global Times” reports that Google Inc. and U.S. National Security Agency, the alliance has suddenly been a lot of criticism. After threatening to pull out for political reasons, after China, in the “maintenance of communication and freedom of the Iranian people”, Google has washed in the forefront, to demonstrate a Enterprise Of the road in the political example of how far to go. Many analysts believe that this is not a business the right way. Reuters warns that Google will face interesting question of sovereignty, so bad “we would have (outside the U.S.) against all government.”

21 days, the two Chinese schools involved in the attacks on the Google News In the West continue to be stir-fried, but this did not help Google’s criticism of its move away, especially early this month, it allied with the United States National Security Agency has recently been caused by fermentation of the storm.

The U.S. Fox News 18 reported that the cooperation between the two to make the Internet Privacy Supervisors felt “panic”, they warned that security cooperation between the two may be a risk, will collect a large number of sensitive user information. The report said American Civil Liberties Association launched a protest letter to Google’s activities, highlighting the cooperation between the two people may bring “appalling consequences” of concern, because the National Security Agency’s bad reputation, especially known for telephone tapping, but a military department, very little supervision by the Government. American Civil Liberties Association, wrote in the letter, the National Security Agency’s primary task is to carry out espionage activities, “Over the past 10 years proved that the National Security Agency Monitor Efforts to turn the American people, in violation of U.S.

law and the Constitution. ”

The United States, “Enterprise Security Daily,” the cooperation between the two is called “backdoor Partner Program” and that the user’s privacy will be placed to protect U.S. national security, the National Security Agency Microscope Below. Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Peking University

scholars receiving more than 21 miles, “Global Times” interview, said that Google and the U.S. government and the Internet itself, the special nature of this industry. The first is the field of Internet development came from the military, and with the national security of the flow of information has a vital relationship, can not use normal commercial company Standard To look at. In the U.S., there are many IT companies and U.S. government are inextricably linked and a certain degree of understanding.

Is because such understanding, other countries should guard against.

21 Reuters article entitled “Google? Ally of the U.S. government at risk.” The article said that Google and Obama administration is formed alliance, a network called the Internet freedom and the end of the review. But analysts said that once the division of interests, such as intellectual property, user privacy, especially the United States that the risks to national security posed by the user and so on, this fragile alliance will be tested.

Reuters article, Google is the Internet’s stance on such issues as freedom to make it in a special position?? On the one hand by the United States commends the one hand, criticized by foreign governments. Risk Consulting Body corporate advisory services director of Eurasia Group, Peterson said: “Google has become a brand to be politicized, a certain degree, in Iran or China, Google has a special political position before.”

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