has anyone adopt oversea and what agency did you use.?

Question by stephanie w: has anyone adopt oversea and what agency did you use.?
we r trying to find an agency to use for over sees adoption what is the quickest way to go in the state of ohio. thank you for all your help please pray for us we thought we had a baby but the birthmother at the end decided to keep her. so now we think we should try overseas

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Answer by Jennifer L
We adopted from Liberia.

We had a local agency that did our homestudy, post placement visits and facilitated the re-adoption on the US side (which is sometimes required, but always recommended).

Then we had our international adoption agency that worked with the Liberian side of the process. This agency operated in a different state. So unless you have a local agency that will do both pieces of the process, you’ll need two.

If you are starting to consider international adoption, I always recommend the book “How to Adopt Internationally” which is a great general resource to guide you through the process. It also includes a country-by-country overview of the different programs.

International adoption isn’t for everyone. There are racial and cultural considerations that do need to be addressed. Please research everything thorougly before deciding if this is the best option for your family.

Good luck.

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21 thoughts on “has anyone adopt oversea and what agency did you use.?”

  1. We adopted from Colombia.

    Jennifer’s advice is absolutely consistent with our experience.

    Hague-approved agencies that are highly reputable include The Gladney Center for Adoption; The Barker Foundation; and Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota. I have also heard great reports about WACAP; MAPS; and Adoption Options.

    We have two friends who used Gladney and, despite being fairly demanding people, have nothing but good to report.

    Good luck to you – giving a kid who nobody else wants a home and family is a great thing for you to be willing to do.

  2. I adopted from Kazakhstan and used Frank Adoption out of Virginia. All the agencies that use Frank foundation i would recommend. Also, this is not the time to be cheap, go to the best agency. What everyone has said is true. You need first to do a lot of research and figure out what country you want to adopt from. There are a lot of countries now that are putting severe restrictions or lengthy processes. Adoption Guide is a good website to get you started.
    Good luck.

  3. and unlike your cold heart, Makael, Trina IS moved by someone else’s misfortune…She is being charitable, a good Samaritan, not being trendy or fashionable(Angelina & Brad) by trying to adopt and provide for the devistated(i.e. Haitian child of disaster)!…stop with the god damned Jim Crowisms! Quite tearin down your own because thats what you been brainwashed to do in America…see Trina’s gesture for what it is….its whites you need to be suspicious of!

  4. y da fuk u persecuting Trina for wanting to provide for some helpless child who is experiencing disaster? The kids in Haiti are suffering from Natural Disaster, something way beyond their control…a child in U.S. experiencing poverty because of lack of parental support or education is a bit different and atleast U.S. kids have a glimmer of hope…Quit with the Jim Crow niggah bashin already! deprogram your mind Makael!

  5. it’s actually harder to adopt internationally. it’s 30 thousand dollars to adopt an african child and there is lots of paper work involved it usually takes 1-3 years until your adopted child can a get a visa! it’s a really long process! If you live in America and you adopt a child from an american foster care, it will be free depending on the age of the child. a child age 1-4 it’s a 250$ a child from 5-17 years old, it’s free!

  6. some ppl adopt internationally because it is easier, cheaper, and less time consuming than it is in America. I have only heard about that I do not know about it first or second hand. I think people should adopt more state side versus international.

  7. I’m glad it was you who touched base with Adoption 🙂 I found you on the video with the two preteens who’ve committed suicide due to gay bashing :(

  8. in general wouldnt it be nice if a large portion of the state budget went towards things like that? Foster care and such, a better state system for in-transition kids? Theres alot that can be done in that area dont you agree?

  9. Whats interesting to think about is the two different points of view and conflicting inside battles. I mean on the one hand, yeah they have it bad, but who are we to take them and say our way of life is better, we can save them and make them better? When you go to a third world country for volunteer work, your not there to make miracles, only to help. Then again, Adopting outside of America, were theyre unlikely to get help anyway, you can give them another chance.

  10. I would suggest for Americans to go to an information meeting regarding adopting children in your state. If your willing to take some risks of being a FOSTER parent first, by all means, adopt an American child first. For me, adopting a toddler is in my best interest, and trust me, their are NOT a lot of children under school age awaiting adoption in the U.S. Expecting an actor/celebrity to pursue foster-adoption is unrealistic.

  11. you really shouldn’t say that cause im sure you don’t know them. they may genuinely want to improve the lives of another individual.

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