Has debating the topic of adoption ever made you violent?

Question by magdalene: Has debating the topic of adoption ever made you violent?
I have had issues with my daughter, who adopted a child overseas against my say so. I am angry with her to the point of writing her out of my will and trying to get her out of my life. My friend came over and she kept trying to defend my daughter and adoption as a whole, which made me nearly slap her. I raised my hand to try to shut her up but I didn’t actually hit her. It just made me so angry that she would defend these scumbag adopters and agencies. Has anyone else ever felt the urge to slap people who defend those despicable people?

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Answer by Ryan
I think the real question here is why you have so much anger towards the concept of adoption and people who adopt.

It sounds like you’ve already lost a daughter and are on your way to losing a friend over these reactions. The anger you are experiencing is hurting your relationships with people. Look towards addressing that anger.

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6 thoughts on “Has debating the topic of adoption ever made you violent?”

  1. You need help.

    No, really. I am not kidding.

    If you feel you have to resort to violence because you disagree with someone, then it’s clear that you’re not in full control of your actions/emotions. I think you’re blowing this out of proportion and trying to hit someone should be a clue that you have deeper issues than “I am against adoption”.

  2. No it hasn’t although I do understand why people have strong views on the subject. I have very strong views on the subject for personal reasons but I would never be violent.

    Please don’t write your daughter out of your will as she is still your daughter. You don’t have to agree with her adopting but she is still your daughter. Real love is unconditional.

    I was blatantly bullied and lied into surrendering my son and I carried anger towards my parents for 23 years. When I found my son to add salt to the wound he had found my family 5 years previously. They chose to lie to him by stating they didn’t know where I was. My mother even wrote my son a letter telling him to accept that I didn’t want to be found. She knew it was a lie. You cannot imagine the rage I felt yet at the same time I knew the only person who was suffering was me. I had to forgive my parents for what they did and it was as if a heavy weight was lifted from my shoulders.

    You have two choices. You can either let the anger and issues eat you away so you become a bitter woman or you can work through this. You don’t have to agree with your daughter but you can have a relationship with her.

    My mum died two years ago so I was relieved I made my peace with her long before she died. It wouldn’t have been healthy for me to hang onto that anger.

  3. You sound like a troll, but if you’re not, you need to accept that your daughter is an adult & capable of making her own decisions. You’re not going to agree with every one of them. I personally think it’s better to adopt from your own country instead of going overseas but others might disagree. You sound like a horrible mother & I “feel the urge to slap” you. Go get some anger management counseling.

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