How many unwanted babies are you going to adopt?

Question by Laureen: How many unwanted babies are you going to adopt?
This question is for the pro-lifers.

Do you ever think about what happens to all the babies that are born into families that don’t want them? Most women have abortions because they can’t afford to take care of the child or aren’t mentally stable to do so.
So if you think all of these babies should be born anyway, how many of them are you going to adopt?

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Answer by Ty J J
I have a wonderful idea, DON’T HAVE SEX!!! Save it till your married and have a job.

@Andrew P I am not implying that the matter of your net worth decides whether or not you can HAVE sex. I’m saying don’t do anything without thinking about it and being prepared. You see so many young people today get pregnant and live horrible lives. It is all about living with your choice and whether or not you agree with it.

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21 thoughts on “How many unwanted babies are you going to adopt?”

  1. I would adopt 2 if Obama leaves me with any money to care for them- He is taking most our money away from us.

  2. None, I am too old to start with little kids, but, really that is a lousy excuses to take a child’s life, who will adopt them? I believe that people would. Many people go overseas to adopt kids because they can’t get a child here.

  3. Good for you.

    The “problem” is that here in the U.S. people ignore the actual issue and instead discuss irrelevant matters.

    Instead of debating pointlessly, we should all be working together toward making abortion unnecessary in the 21st century.

    Why aren’t we funding research for artificial wombs – which would also help premature infants?
    Why aren’t we funding fetal transplants into the wombs of willing surrogates, or into other animals (we routinely use animals for much less productive medical procedures).

    A better question is why aren’t all the “pro-life” people adopting the millions of special needs children who are not “perfect” and therefore NO ONE wants them. They clog our foster care system. NO ONE goes “overseas” to get special needs children. There are plenty here at home.

    WHy not? Because the “pro-life” public doesn’t really care about the lives of the born, or really the unborn either. They only care about exercising control over women.

    They don’t care that poor women will have to resort to unspeakable cruelty to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, if Roe v. Wade is ever overturned. Poor women will be thrust back into the dark ages.
    Those that claim to be ‘pro-life” are actually misogynists.

    Also, birth control doesn’t work 100% of the time, and is not always available or used properly. We can thank the same people for keeping birth control out of our schools (abstinence only DOESN”T WORK)! They don’t really want to help anyone. They just like to exercise control over what other people do.

  4. I’m thinking of adopting two when I grow up. There’s no way in hell I’m having children of my own. Not with all the problems with over-population and whatnot. But I’ll be looking to get two from different races so they can grow up to be open-minded.

  5. i would adopt all of them. Seriously. If they cant afford them just give them up for adoption. evry human being deserves to have a chance at life.

  6. There are a myriad of ways of preventing pregnancy if you truly don’t want to be. Can’t understand why an unborn child has to pay the ultimate price for someone elses stupidity. Please explain it to me.

  7. If I had my way, ten. My wife won’t hear of it, however. (And yes, I would be doing the midnight feedings and changing the diapers when I wasn’t at work.)

    Either your heart is stone cold, or you have never held a baby girl in your arms.

  8. yes JJ, only rich people should have sex.

    Pro lifers will not adopt children, they only care about people in the womb and those on their death beds. Do not end an unwanted pregnancy, and do not allow people to die the way they want and with humility. Instead we need to prolong their suffering as long as possible and make sure their lives and long and painful. That is the teachings of Jesus.

  9. as many as i possibly could and i’ll pay taxes and provide other support to those who do the same! wouldn’t that be an awesome option for women who want their babies to live?? if the world were truly a village where we all work together to raise children, regardless of their color, parents, ethnic background, etc.

    but we prefer to spend our money on bailing out banks and derelict businesses…i would totally support buying houses for people willing to adopt and raise, say, 4 or more children. i would totally support free healthcare for adoptive families…i would totally support free childcare for adoptive parents!

    we make things so hard…

  10. This question has no virtue.

    Each Country has a program set-up to address this issue.
    One only has to contact a particular church in the area to gain advice on the above.

    God bless’

  11. yes they go up for adoption

    how many will you adopt ?

    i am not able to adopt
    not physically able to care for them

    so by your reasoning you choose to kill them instead of choosing to adopt them?

    so because some one may not adopt them its okay to end their life?
    i notice you did not say we
    how many would we adopt.

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