How much would it cost to adopt from over seas?

Question by Someone Random: How much would it cost to adopt from over seas?
I’ve been doing a little research on how much it’d cost to adopt domestic and the price to adopt an infant is outrageous, and a little disturbing in my opinion. I was wondering if adopting an infant from over seas be less…. My wife and I can’t conceive a baby and we aren’t the richest people but still would love to start a family. Any information would be great.

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Answer by Jacqueline
international adoptions can cost between 7 and 30 thousand, so it is actually more expensive.

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We investigate the pros and cons of international adoption, how is it regulated and the implications for the children.
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  1. Hello. My husband and I adopted a sibling group of 3 last year. International adoptions cost around $ 40 K on average. That is figuring in agency fees, foreign fees, travel, food, etc. The cost greatly depends on the country and length of time you are in the country. For example, China, a one-trip country, is not going to have the same costs as Russia, a two-trip country. Keep in mind too that you do not pay this all at once; fees are stretched out over a period of time.
    You do not have to be rich to adopt internationally, but you do have to plan and be financially sound. You need to save, you can take out loans and there are grant programs as well (hard to come by, but they do exist).
    Adopting an infant overseas is however, becoming less common as attitudes of citizens change toward adoption. “Healthy” infants are the first to be adopted by those in their native countries.
    I would look into options such as China’s special needs program. These children often have very minor, correctable issues such as cleft palate. The costs and wait time are less. I would also like to recommend that you consider adopting an older child and/or siblings. If you want more than one child (I said IF)–why not adopt children that are bio siblings and should be together?
    One website I find helpful is This site lists different countries, estimates of fees and requirements for APs.
    Best of luck to you

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