I am adopting from Guatemala. Anyone here experience this process?

Question by guatemama: I am adopting from Guatemala. Anyone here experience this process?
My husband and I are adopting a 2 yr old boy from Guatemala. We are in the PGN process right now and hope to bring him home this summer. I would love to hear from anyone that has adopted older children and had to overcome the language barrier. And advice would be welcome. We would like to keep him bilingual and I plan on taking a Spanish course this fall and taking our new son with me.
I guess I should have known I’d be asked why we didn’t adopt domestically. I’m used to answering it by now….though it’s kind of like asking someone “Why do you drive a Toyota instead of a Dodge?” The answer is….you do what you do and it’s no one else’s business really.

But the answer to WHY we went internationally instead of domestically is because we fell head over heals in love with a big brown eyed boy with chubby cheeks and a toothy grin that needed a pair of zapatos (shoes) as well as a mommy and daddy.

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Good luck…!!

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  1. thats cool my mom and dad are guatemalan there white most of the people from my moms and dads country are mostly indians and some are ladinos, ladinos means we are from decendent of spain o and good luck

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