i want to adopt siblings is the prosses faster or diffrent then adopting a baby?

Question by Newt G: i want to adopt siblings is the prosses faster or diffrent then adopting a baby?
i no its dumb but in movies they have the kids in like a room and parents go and talk to them and adopt them like that is that acuret

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Answer by Discount K
It depends. Are you looking only for babies? Or will you consider older kids? Because there are thousands of waiting children here in the US that would cost you little/nothing to adopt.

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18 thoughts on “i want to adopt siblings is the prosses faster or diffrent then adopting a baby?”

  1. You don’t just walk into a room talk to the kids and then adopt them. You still have to go through all the adoption paper work and more since you’d be adopting more then one child. However you could end up with your children a lot sooner since siblings groups and older children are deemed harder to place.

    Siblings groups come in all ages you could end up with say a 3 year old , 5, year old, 9 year old and 12 year old. Or 6 year and old, 8 year old. siblings groups vary in ages and number of kids.. Once I was browsing and found a siblings group there were 5 the youngest was 1 year the oldest was 13.

  2. we are going through the local county and its about a yr process just to get through the jump through all the hoops! They tell you about the child you never actually get to see the child until you are interested or say yes.

  3. Possibly. We’ve been inquiring on older children with a preference for siblings, and the one that we’re most likely to get is a newborn. Go figure.

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  6. Maybe when you decide if you want children, you will go to one of the Orphanages in Russia and choose a son or daughter… 🙂

  7. no that boy’s brother wasn’t the boy they were talking about in the video, but i agree that the family who adopted him shouldn’t have separated the brothers its so sad

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  9. Yeah man, if you’re gonna adopt one sibling u gotta save the money to adopt the others. thats just sad that one brother is still suffering and one is living a good life.

  10. I’m a survivor! 🙂 The only thing that I regret about being adopted from Russia is that I lost touch with my heritage. But, I never forget how lucky I am.

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