If a child is taken from its mother in an illegal and coerced adoption and the child is paid for by people?

Question by Moi: If a child is taken from its mother in an illegal and coerced adoption and the child is paid for by people?
so that they can fill their need to have a family is this not human trafficking?

How come a child that was kidnapped and placed for adoption the adoptive parents will fight to keep them instead of returning the child over to its true parents?

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Answer by maigen_obx
No one can actually answer this question, but I’m guessing they fight because they believed they adopted the child in good faith and they thought it was legal. Given the choice most people aren’t into human trafficking.

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8 thoughts on “If a child is taken from its mother in an illegal and coerced adoption and the child is paid for by people?”

  1. Um, kidnappers rarely just hand over their victim. Most go on the run, change their names and pretend the kid is theirs (hmm, this does sound like adoption lol). If they are caught it normally takes a SWAT team to get the kid back.

    Sooo why would you think the adoptive parents would just hand over a child they paid “fees” for in adoption they though was legal?!

    The USA has yet to recognize or give crap about the unethical treatment of young expecting mother. Hey, its cheaper to have the kids adopted out then to have a bunch of “whore” mothers on welfare right?

  2. It IS human trafficking, and it IS illegal. Many ap’s have no idea how their adoptive child was “obtained” for adoption, especially when the child is from another country.

    If it is found that the child was kidnapped and the fake adoptive parents do not release the child back to their family, those “adoptive” parents (which they are not, because the adoption never happened) should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Some do not turn the child over without a fight because they are selfish and feel entitled to the stolen child.

  3. If any money exchanges hands to “purchase” a child then that is the definition of child trafficking. Kidnapping is a crime anyone who would knowingly keep a child that was stolen belongs in prison

  4. Because the adoptive parents won’t know the child has been illegally taken.

    All that is required is consent – even if it was taken illegally. It will still lawfully count as “consent.”

  5. Yeah because newborn “adoption” is NOT altruistic – it’s actually selfish. And as Kitta pointed out – it’s sometimes illegal.

  6. Absolutely, Moi. No matter what kind of coercion, ANY coercion is illegal and should not be used to procure a child for adoption. It matters not whether or not the adopters were or are aware of the methods used. If they paid money to an agency and attorney for possession of that child, it is child trafficking.

    The thing is, most PAPs already know that there is coercion and even read books on how to participate in that coercion with such things as medical expenses, love-bombing, insistence on being in the labor and delivery rooms and the saccharine “Dear Birthmother” letters which are coercive by identifying the pregnant woman as a “birthmother,” even before there is an agreement to surrender.

    Try reading “Fast Track Adoption.” That is the handbook for manipulative coercion.

  7. Interesting quiestion, Moi. I think that this would absolutely be a crime,. and that the preson who committed this heinous crime would be punished to the fullest extent of the law….until someone mentions the one single word, “Adoption”. Then the entire dynamic changes. Suddenly the perps become “an infertile couple, desperate for a child” to fill their lives, they are “loving adoptive parents”. The mother is barely mentioned, and if she is at all it is briefly, in passing.

    Justice will be a long time being served, since they will drag thigns out in the courts, and then will tell the judge, who never removed the child to his mother’s home, that
    since they are “the only family the child remembers” they shouldn’t upset the child by returning him to the natural family. They will keep on delaying things, until ultimatey they will win.

    And, if anyone doesn’t believe that this happens, or only happens in International Adoption, please google Stephanie Bennett, or simply email me and I will be happy to fill you in on the details….

    http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/142220/coerced_adoption_should_concern_parents.html ·

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