International adoption?

Question by Mom of boys<3: International adoption?
My husabnd & I have been ttc for 2 years, with no luck.
We’ve talked about adoption. And think that that is the way to go.
We are looking into international adoption. Maybe China or Russia.
Were open to anything. But thats just what were looking into to.

My question is, has anyone adopted a child internationaly?
Our maybe know someone who has?

I’m kinda scared to do it. Any advice?

Best answer:

Answer by Jennifer L
We adopted two children from Liberia (Africa) almost two years ago. It’s a pretty daunting process. There is a lot of paperwork, but it is certainly do-able.

A great place to start is a book called “How to Adopt Internationally.” It is considered the bible of international adoption. It takes you step by step through the process, with great information on every country that has an international program. They update it every couple of years, so make sure you get the most recent edition.

Couple of things to think about: China is a very popular program, so the waiting list is very long. It also requires travel (which is a great idea, but sometimes that can be cost/time prohibitive). Russia requires two trips, once before the adoption and the second to finalize. You should also look at health concerns unique to each country.

There are also many, many older children and sibling groups available through international adoption.

Our kids came home at ages 10 and 5 (bio siblings) and we are all doing great. It has been an amazing and enriching experience for all of us.

Good luck!

BTW: I’m happy to answer any specific questions you have.

Edit: Oh, look more thumbs down! I’m starting to see a pattern here. Anytime someone says something positive about adoption, or postive about international adoption,here comes the thumbs down people! Well, it’s easy to simply show disapproval in an anonymous format, like a “thumbs down.” Just letting you know I’m not taking it any more seriously than that. Have a nice day.

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4 thoughts on “International adoption?”

  1. I am single and brought my son home from Guatemala in 2005. The process was very long and there’s a ton of paperwork- tons. But, it was all worth it. I had a great support system and also created a support group of families who added to their families through Guatemalan adoptions and that helped out so much!

    You should research alot about where youd like to adopt from, consider the culture and common issues that come with each country, consider your financial situation and how long you have to travel- some countries you have to stay a while in that country; some it’s just a week or so.

    Best wishes, I was an all American girl, and now have a Guatemalan heart because my son was born there.

    Thumbs down again!?!? This time for what? being single?adopting my child? loving the country in which my son was born?

  2. There is an organization called KidSave International. They bring older orphan kids from various countries for summer visit programs and often the people who host these children end up adopting them.

    We adopted a lovely girl from Colombia. We had to get permission ahead of time from the US government to bring the child into the USA as an immigrant/citizen.

    Most of the information we submitted to the US government was the same as required by the Colombian government. The Colombian government agency, ICBF, has a reputation for integrity. I have heard that they have over 5,000 family-less children who are physically and emotionally ready for adoption. Because of the guerrilla wars, Colombia has the third largest population of displaced children in the world [after Darfur and Congo], so the actual number may be much higher.

    I am including the KidSave web address and also that of one of the best international adoption agencies.

    Every kid deserves a home and family. Thank you for looking into this.

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