Is it true that more girls are adopted than boys?

Question by La Fille: Is it true that more girls are adopted than boys?
I have heard talk that more girls are adopted than boys, both internationally and domestically. I read in a magazine that most mothers who have 3+ boys and wanted a girl turn to adoption, so I thought that might be the cause but I don’t really know.

Anyone have any facts or info on this?

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Answer by Krazythugzsta
NO.. That is not true.

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30 thoughts on “Is it true that more girls are adopted than boys?”

  1. If one were to go by the figures at New trend: More girls than boys adopted the Central Voluntary Adoption and Resource Agency — CEVARA — the government licensed coordination body, then educated, upmarket and childless couples are largely opting for the girl child.

    Official figures too point to the fact: In 2003 out of 285 babies given for adoption, 161 were females and 124 males.

    Of the 46 Non Resident Indians that took up babies for adoption, 38 girl children were given out as compared to eight males.

    However, those in the placement agencies say there is more to than what meets the eye.

    The trend is so not because the obsession with the male child is over, but because there are no male children available for adoption.

    “The primary approach of an average Indian couple to adoption is still the same even after so many years,” says Himadri Dey, administrator for a placement agency in Jungpura, New Delhi.

    “The first request we generally get during registration of adopting parents is ‘can we have a male child?'” he says. “However with time and social activism this attitude has changed to quite an extent,” he adds.

    The wait for a male baby is long, sometimes even three to four years, as there are “simply very few male babies that come to the homes for adoption.”

    “This might be the main reason why female babies are given out faster than the male child,” says Saroj Tripathi, adoption officer at the Indian Council for Child Welfare, a government licensed scrutinising agency for adoption procedures.

    “In 2002-2003 of the 550 cases that we scrutinised and given the green signal to, approximately 300 were female babies,” she says.

    “Initially most parents come looking for a male child, but through our counselling sessions, we try to convince them to take up a female baby instead,” Tripathi says.

    What most professionals agree to in unison that over the last 10 years a section of “educated, wealthy and well informed childless couples opt voluntarily for female babies.”

    There are again those who just circumvent the entire process and approach private agencies and nursing homes directly, pay hefty sums to the parents or middlemen and take male babies home.

    “While the central government has issued a circular recently strictly restricting the adoption of babies from private unlicenced agencies, there is a loophole in the Hindu Adoption and Maintainance Act that gives the right to adopting parents to directly approach the birth mother and if she so consents, proceed on adoption from her,” says Laila Baig, Secretary, CEVARA.

    The babies mostly come to the placement agencies through either the police, are left in the cradles that stand outside these agencies by single mothers who can’t keep the child or are donated formally by the parents themselves who are too poor to support the child.

    Dey says parents rarely give up a male child.

    Often, after a string of many daughters, unwanted girl babies are left at the homes by the natural parents.

    Adopting parents desperate for a child but unwilling to go through either the long wait or the procedures, “get admitted to the private nursing home at the same time that a woman would deliver, and then on would leave the place with her baby,” case workers say.

    While the Indian obsession with fair skin and sharp features have left many children waiting in these homes for years, field professionals say this is one prejudice that they can’t seem to make adopting parents get rid of.

    “Most people would not take a baby with a flat nose or chinky eyes. They insist on an HIV test and demand a fair skinned child,” says Tripathi.

    The same goes for handicapped children. “For the last 10 years we could rarely place a handicapped child with any decent families. No one wants a child with polio or Down’s Syndrome or even a minor handicap like blindness in one eye or fingers missing,” says Tripathi.

    While most case workers are trying hard to bring up the awareness level into adopting parents, they say it is a long way to go before typical traditional Indian prejudices are entirely uprooted

  2. It is true more girls are adopted then boys just like more kids that are two years or younger are more likely to be adopted then kids older then that age. I am not sure why this is though.

  3. Well not so much in america, but in other countries they are very worried about the family line, and that can only be carried by the son, so they give up their baby daughters for adoption and try for boys. That is what they do in China especially. My husband’s aunt adopted two baby girls from China. They are limited on how many children they can have and only want sons to carry on their legacy. Its sad.

  4. No but there are girls that THINK they’ve been adopted due to a psychological problem along the lines of multiple personality disorder which can make it look as though more girls are adopted…

  5. Yes its true.Most girls I hear are chinese because prositute problems.They sneak there babys to an orfinage or they would be killed.And if you have a girl they will be killed.So mothers who have hearts put them in orfinages.(Thats spelled wrong lol) In China you can only have boys.Its sad.

    One of my cousins is Chinese she was adopted.

  6. i dnt have facts but its prolly is true only cuz alot of families would pefer a girl ( i’m not sayn im like tht or anyhting) but i would say its true in adoption!!!!

  7. i feel bad for this kid having white parents and all he will be shunned by
    alot of asians for being so whitewash unless jolie has paid for him to take
    vietnamese classes

  8. hehe, yes isn’t it annoying how the way people word things implies bigger
    ideas? I guess adopted kids aren’t the real deal, huh? I think it is the
    feeling people often have about adoption, even if they are unaware of it.

  9. Not for fame. Angelina adopts(ed: kids from around the world because those
    kids wouldn’t have been treated well as in the U.S. & she probably doesn’t
    adopt from the US because any kid that gets adopted here has a better
    chance at getting a good family. Doing it for “fame” is a ignorant comment
    to make.

    CHILD/BOY 🙂 I love people who love viets. Hehe. I also think she’s very

  11. That was so sweet and caring of brad Pitt and Jolie to adopt little kids
    who suffered a lot in their country.God Bless Them. ( :

  12. Americans are too materialistic. They’ll want maney and greed when they
    grow up. Maybe that’s the reason why Angelie prefers to adopt overseas.

  13. @OnlyTheTruthStore: Because children from these country are really in need
    for help. I’m not being racist or anything, but third world country like
    Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia, ect are very very I mean verrrrryyyy poor.

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