Is there an incentive of adopting children from overseas?

Question by The Baron: Is there an incentive of adopting children from overseas?
Why are there so many people (especially famous ones) who adopt children from other countries, when there are so many that need to be adopted, or are in foster care, in the the United States alone? Is there some sort of tax credit/break? Do they get paid for it? What is the incentive for people to adopt from other countries, rather than a local kid? I see it brings the population up, if only slightly. And when you increase population, you increase unemployment, and that brings poverty up? I also see that the kids not being adopted, having troubled lives, thus being more likely to be into drugs, or other criminal activities. They are trying to pass laws on immigration, yet they allow people to adopt kids from other countries.
This is more about our Society, then as being a question about parenting, so I put it there.
Ok, so it makes them look like white knights compared to their ethnic parents. Famous people do it for the publicity, and they have the money to do so. And Russian kids are violent. I don’t believe that illegal drugs are not prevalent i other countries. I saw that war lords in Africa paid their “soldiers” in opium. And, olot of those are kids.
And drug problems isn’t just the illegal narcotics. I am talking about alcohol and prescription medications as well.
What I was getting at was that there are so many kids in foster care, and in need of adoption in the U.S., the country for which I am native, that they should adopt from here, instead of bringing them here from other countries. That includes from Europe as well.

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Answer by CharChar
The incentive is a lot of publicity for the person doing the adopting.

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3 thoughts on “Is there an incentive of adopting children from overseas?”

  1. “Is there an incentive of adopting children from overseas?”

    The incentive of adopting children from overseas, for White parents, is to spread “freedom and democracy” to the third world toddlers. They want to feel like White knights saving colored children from their oppressive ethnic parents. Essentially they want to feel like they’ve accomplished something by taking in colored children. It’s all really shallow to be honest with you.

    They should start adopting Eastern European kids. They need love as well. I understand though it’s a little dangerous. I read an article about a month ago that an American couple had to send their Russian kid back to the orphanage because he pulled out a knife on his adoptive grandmother.

    The Russians don’t play!

  2. They just want “exotic” children.

    I think doing this can also make it harder for the foreign born child to assimilate within his new country’s culture.

  3. Famous people have money, that’s why they can afford it. There may not be illegal drugs in Africa, but there’s poverty and premature death.

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