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Although still in the beginning of the head, but as long past the beginning of spring, the streets of firecrackers in the spring of Tianrun mixed with bursts of breath; wander constantly in the flow of the business district, people dressed in bright spring become a Spring Festival unique landscape, when the spring wind on everyone’s face, and even added a bright smile, is also the Spring. These days, major businesses in the urban areas, giving rise to an “chasing the new” consumer boom, from the newest spring, until the spring make-up, the latest accessories, in the early appearance of the latest market, snatching the traditional Spring Festival, “New Year shopping “The thunder, it was a lot of business statistics, in recent days in the spring seasonal merchandise sales soared 50% higher than in the past about some of the spring has even sold off the new goods; some businesses for the first time in an emergency during the Spring Festival,” U-turn ” discount from the previous year’s winter step into “Spring Show” in a beautiful spring.

“What’s hot this spring?” Major businesses in the urban areas, the issue became a lot of handsome boys & girls, the most concerned about. The warm spring and climate, but also allow businesses to sell the bulk of the traditional Spring Festival, clothes a bit confused. According to Thailand and China Mall chairman Su Haifeng introduced in the past Spring Festival, the variety is certainly the best sales down shirt, fur and other winter clothing, winter clothing in full swing discount promotion has been the highlight of the Spring Festival is the business, the new spring show at least over the Lantern Festival began.

The special circumstances of the Spring Festival this year, so most of the business of clothing sales of a “two quarters under one roof,” the strange phenomenon of a large discount from the winter until the spring of the new while not discount the emergence of so many people feel a little confused . “Past spring just generally difficult to sell listing move, now Suzhou pocket really rich people, and spring sales actually much higher than the discount winter clothes,” members of the public during the Spring Festival “Chasing new” consumer trends for new business a little surprised . To this end, Thailand and China Mall starting from the Danian Ye surprise “seasonal”, a large increase in spring, so spring for the proportion of 50% of OTC, and adjust the spring display of promotional theme, “This is the first of this year’s Spring Festival “responsible person so that mall.

“Spring Festival shopping certainly buy”, many people on this spring black and white the color of the relish, wool cardigan, skirt, trousers, and suitable for wearing cowboy boots with “pencil pants,” just let the pursuit of OTC Fashion people binge these cities. Yesterday afternoon, Thailand and China Mall’s “POLO” spring break codes actually there, a salesperson for emergency replenishment to the warehouse. While another Chinese and a blouse customers, also found that the size of her already sold out, desperation and salespersons discuss only the “goods to further notice.” In the Metro Mall, in addition to Women, the various brands of casual, sports also sell the new fire. Even many middle-aged customers have joined the ranks of Chinese New Year buy spring, in 100 stores, fat wife, Fuk wife and other brands around the spring of the new counter full of customers try clothes, “Although the latest spring styles are the original price, but wait until the time of discount often out of stock, bought or fancy, can wear a fresh, “a 60-year-old female customer enthusiastic. It is understood that, although many well-known brands of spring clothing prices are a thousand dollars, but many customers are not too concerned about the price. Mini sleeveless jacket with long sweaters, short cardigan with Dress, a set of samples with a good spring after a new, more attracted many customers, so business was very happy. Two days, the people of the day shopping clothing sales reached 3.5 million yuan, up 30% over last year, of which, spring sang lead.

In the spring the new “spring way” in the same time, spring shoes, make-up until spring, all kinds of new accessories have also become members of the public Chinese New Year “chase new” object. This two-day, 100 shopping centers of various pink, camouflage colors of spring, the latest make-up sales jumped more than 30% in the past, in the Metro Mall, once a customer has purchased 1 million yuan brand cosmetics , Estee Lauder and other international brand cosmetics sales soared by about 30% than usual. The new bags, jewelry along with popular, Thailand and China during the Spring Festival mall with jewelry, luxury bags actually jump over last year were 2 times, 1 times, even a price of up to 27 million new Cartier shall have been a customer fancy table, “this new form before the Spring Festival after OTC Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces, is the first one to be bought,” and this, the dealer was very excited.

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