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A value of

Little Swan

?? China News special financial analyst Li Yang

Value of investments, stocks see policy.

Can say China’s stock market value and policy are complementary and indispensable, very difficult to sustain at any point less satisfactory returns in the stock market, read the policy has been in the stock market is like a sword, sword scabbard, and almost always, from 2009 onwards in order to prevent China


Crisis on the development of large consumption on the promotion policy, consumer stocks have also been sought after, two of China in 2010 remains the focus of people’s livelihood as the problem, in which consumption has become a livelihood for the value of reflection as a small swan A production

Washing machine

The company, under the support of policy will inevitably be concerned about, then the value of Little Swan A concrete manifestation of it in what?

Company Highlights 1: Positive consumption in important policy as “two sessions” Hot words started to enter the golden years

Development and Reform Commission: China will further expand the consumer, the State Development and Reform Commission, said spokesman Lee Park, China, 2010, China will continue to comply with the residents to expand consumption, improving the daily life, time to adjust and perfect the relevant policies to promote consumption further promote the sustained and rapid growth in consumption.

Li Yang of China Financial News that the recent reduction of a tax, consumption subsidies, urbanization and other issues have become “two sessions” hot words.

These issues will constitute the largest consumer segment large and long-term positive support. With China’s sustained economic growth, consumption in a comprehensive way of life of ordinary people to change, especially in investment-led economy gradually being replaced by consumer-fueled economy, stimulating consumer driven economy has become an important future direction of macroeconomic policy.

Company Highlights 2:

Appliances to the countryside


TM to

, Little Swan Swan jump dance.

09 2 months since, “

Home Appliances

The countryside “in the general promotion of the country, around the tentative four-year implementation period, farmers get consumers to buy home appliances to the countryside product selling prices of 13% of direct subsidies, in December 2009, the State Council decided in 2010 to continue the implementation of home appliances to the countryside policies, plans a substantial increase in price-cap home appliances to rural areas, provinces and cities under a variety of local real co-opted into the scope of subsidies, also decided in 2009 nine pilot provinces and municipalities invested 2 billion yuan of funds based on the 5 in 2010 to continue class home appliances “TM”, and expand the scope.

Highlights three companies: a major restructuring, Little Swan has been soaring.

2008, 2009, Swan A little further into the hot spot, following the United States and the electrical (000 527) to become its largest shareholder, the Little Swan has since acquired the U.S. assets of the holder of the Rongshida washing machine. Entered the home appliance industry, the same shareholders, increase the competitive strength of small swans, assets reorganization, Rongshida washing machine as a small swan subsidiary. Little Swan have a “Little Swan”, “Rongshida” and “beautiful” three washing machines brands.

Highlights four companies: high growth performance, the outlook is bright.

Little Swan announced yesterday

A report shows that in 2009 the company achieved operating income of 4.375 billion yuan, up 1.92%; net profit of 2.22 billion yuan, an increase of 454.93 percent; basic earnings per share were 0.41 yuan, up 485.71%.

Company Highlights 5: International cooperation, onto the world stage.

Companies and Europe’s second largest home appliance maker, Italy, China Dai Hei Co., Ltd. joint venture in Wuxi, Wuxi, Italy Dai Hei Appliance Co., Ltd, a joint venture products will be used to export the vast majority of dishwashers, dishwasher business After co-integration, activate the capital, and with common


Companies to successfully enter the U.S. high-end market for the company’s integration into the global market, has taken a solid step.

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