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Recently, with China’s industrial design

Oscar Award known as the Fourth China Product Innovation Design (CIDF) Awards Presentation Ceremony held smoothly. Domestic kitchen electric industry, the boss on behalf of electrical products in winning the 738 # range hood Comprehensive Product Innovation Design Awards Gold Award, “the boss design

Team “At the same time received the” Innovative Design Star “award.

According to statistics, the next five years, China

Kitchen Industry will have 100 billion market share. A new round of technological innovation and

Capital Surge will appear, Market Kitchen Faced with high-end Brand Lead the market structure adjustment. Zhao Jihong, general manager of group marketing boss that good product design, product innovation and design should be to seek the best fit and function points, through the standardization of concepts, is the product to maintain vitality in the same “magic” and the brand continued to be the major factor. Our

Kitchen Environment will be to Health Energy-saving, beautiful personality style development.

“Wai Jia Quan”??? Outside the show innovative design

Healthy environment to create a kitchen, kitchen electric appearance and quality is very important. As the only authoritative domestic product industrial design competition, “the boss” 738 # range hood by academics and experts, judges and recognized by consumers, experts say, flat market for European range hood through rigorous tests to “boss” as the representative of kitchen electrical products R & D capabilities in brand already has a high level, honor the result of the acquisition will be welcomed.

Immediate hood market, design, product structure has embarked on a homogeneous narrow road, so instead make efforts in design, but ignored the design must be based on good results on the use of This has led many companies to give up the beautiful design of range hoods tend to use basic skills.

According to this reporter’s award-winning industrial design standards for that contest, outstanding product design must have innovative design and shape to match function.

“Boss” 738 # “yet simple” range hood is one outstanding product design. Zhao Jihong, told this reporter, “the boss” 738 # “is still simple,” range hood, follow the simple post-modern Scandinavian style, smooth lines, simple and clear. Attention to detail processing, guide the deformation of the oil tray has a beautiful design. The smoke chamber and housing a stretch forming techniques are used, no seams and corners, the perfect arc. Even more unique is the first application of air-level panel, with high purity, strength and toughness.

Reporter to learn more about the boss of electrical appliances are not limited to smoke innovative design brand this one. Electric boss recently introduced the “ultimate harmony” electric kitchen sets, electric hot pressure cooker and other small appliances, innovative design ideas are the product. “Boss design team” that the lack of national standards, should not be the enterprises do not pay attention to product quality reasons. Called kitchen electric brand development for enterprise development, standards, strict control of product

Make Process to the design of innovative brand-energize, to protect the interests of consumers.

“power within the family”??? Internal cultivation “Five Standard”

“Standardization provides businesses with a secure compliance with the framework, enterprises can develop according to their own reality different business processes.” Zhao Jihong, said the boss after many years of experience in electrical accumulation and innovation, the paper proposes five standard platform, the implementation of the standard Chinese, to ensure the quality of basic kitchen electric products, steadily moving closer to international standards.

“Standardization, is concisely in the internal balance, dynamic, open the power of the enterprise by the ‘standard of China’ end to the standard ‘international’ the right way.” Zhao Jihong introduction, five standard platform, safety standards, energy efficiency standards and environmental standards are the basis of product quality, health standards is to give consumers the ultimate goal of service standards are consistently throughout the product. Basic standard is to maintain product innovation vitality of magic, throughout the product design process, it is the standard system running smoothly, and constantly improve the important part.

Kitchen electrical product safety standards is the primary problem.

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