Pregnancy and human rights laws?

Question by carold913: Pregnancy and human rights laws?
If you were pregnant and went to the Hospital to deliver your baby and the hospital went behind your back to get control of your newborn baby, because they believed you are homeless and have no family or friends. Soon as you give birth to your healthy baby, the FL.,HRS Dept steps in and takes your newborn. The 2nd Circuit Judge says “you will never see your baby unless you put her up for adoption and he put you in jail to force you to give your baby up for adoption.” When your released from jail, the Judge and HRS threaten to harm you baby if you do not going alone with what they say and sign the adoption papers. what would you do if this happen to you? any and all suggestions are welcome.
This events is happening in America not only to this women but to Numerous Minority Women. Florida’s Health and Rehabilitation Service, now called, Dept of Children and Family Service is stealing newborn babies from their parents. This women was not on drugs, had no crimmial records, had no health or psychogical problems. She is a college graduate and was single at the time of the birth. HRS gave no reason as to why they stole this women’s baby. Tallahassee Memorial Hospital is where this event occured. The Judge at the Second District Court who is involved has warned all attorneys against representing the Women. i hear it is very hard to get a lawyer for this type of Dependency case. if a judge is involved in the kidnapping of minority babies who would dare file a case against him. See the Movie “The Rabbit Proof Fence”. For a Idea as to the cause of this Constituational violation of Human Rights in America.

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Answer by josephmaja
I barely dont know the law in US,but you have the right to fight for it,,,,its your baby,I can only suggest to go ask the help of any pastor for prayers and advises,,,For sure that they can help you in all aspects….

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5 thoughts on “Pregnancy and human rights laws?”

  1. What ARE you on?!?!?!? Most of what you said would cause loss of jobs…the DCF workers…the judge….
    What MAY happen is you would be offered programs to get on your feet, shelter, food stamps, medicaid, income based housing

    What’s teh rest of teh story? The part you’re not telling?

  2. I would go to the media. They can get a scandal like that out in the open…it will shame HRS into doing the right thing, lawyers will come forward to help, people will show up with donations to help you and your baby out….

  3. Well there are alot of human right violations in this scenario.
    #1 Regardless if your homeless, nobody can take your baby.
    #2 Threatening to harm another persons life is a criminal act.
    #3 Being thrown in jail because of this makes you a “prisoner of conscience.”
    If this were to ever happen in a westernized country I would have seeked legal help and of course notified the Media. (A very good story for their morning headlines) and several people would support you from this unfair doing.

  4. There is obviously something that you are not telling us. We need the whole story to be able to give some advice. For example, is the mother of the baby on crack, why did they put her in jail, is she homeless, … we need more information.

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