Q&A: Are people wanting to adopt from Haiti the driving force behind Opportunistic Child Traffickers?

Question by H******: Are people wanting to adopt from Haiti the driving force behind Opportunistic Child Traffickers?
Is the increased interest and demand creating a huge child protection situation?
ETA My only motive is caring about childrens’ and human rights

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Answer by i do more dmg in blood
Not really, black kids aren’t really in demand. Child traffickers prefer, white, asian, or mexican kids.

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24 thoughts on “Q&A: Are people wanting to adopt from Haiti the driving force behind Opportunistic Child Traffickers?”

  1. Child traffickers thrive in Chaos. The demand always creates the incentive.
    Just heard on the news that some of Haiti’s children have now been kidnapped from hospitals – so there ya go…………….

  2. americans are refusing to adopt their own children… what are YOU doing to help them???

    and why are you so obsessed with haiti?

  3. ya, i agree, the only questions you seem to ask and the only way you ever answer is to babble on about child traffickers… what is up with that?

    people wanting to adopt from haiti and wanting to help. child traffickers are the force beind child traffickers… and people like you who talk about it so much worry me… an obsession like yours has reasons behind it and i am concerned about your motives

  4. people like you are the reason people like us keep fighting to give these children the lives they deserve.
    how about you worry about child protection issues in your own country first. Americans are selling their children to other countries around the world, how is that any different?

  5. Yes, without the demand, the traffickers coudn’t hide among them.

    Child trafficking was always a problem in Haiti, but now it could explode given the demand to adopt these “poor, suffering” children.

    If people think they are suffering now, imagine how it will be if a child trafficker gets hold of them?

  6. Absolutely- just like the same thing happened in Guatemala. Criminals know how much money Americans will pay for a child (the younger, the better) and will stop at nothing to sell children into adoption. This is the reason adoptions in Guatemala were halted and many Guatemalan adoptees living in the states are now undergoing DNA tests so they can be sent back to their parents.

    I hope that this situation in Haiti, especially since children are now being kidnapped there, will shed even MORE light on the human trafficking situation.

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