Q&A: Can i adopt a baby from Russia or Greece, is that possible?

Question by teknokev05: Can i adopt a baby from Russia or Greece, is that possible?
What would i have to do. I am single to so i kno wtha tdoesnt help but i have a nice constant paycheck and benefits.
Steve whats the use of making a child when there are scores of children uncared for.

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Answer by Meaghan K
you can. if you are single it is easier to adopt from other countries. In the US a lot of times, you have to not be able to have kids at all (gay couple or infertile) to adopt. Go for Russia… there are so many orphanages… yes i said orphanages… those horrible wretched places still exist. Congrats and thank you for adopting!!!!!!! This is an adoptee speaking, fyi.

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5 thoughts on “Q&A: Can i adopt a baby from Russia or Greece, is that possible?”

  1. Russia does have an international adoption program. I’m not sure if Greece does. You’d have to do you research. If you’re thinking of international adoption (and are an american) I recommend the book “How to Adopt Internationally.” It takes you step-by-step through the very long and complicated process. We practically kept our copy by the bedside!

    Good luck

  2. well that is pretty common i suggest you find an adoption agent and ask them to help you,russia is a great country to be born in so i suggest russia and they can fly the baby to where ever you live.

  3. It is unlikely that they’ll let you adopt because you are single, but there are certain laws for adoptig. Some country they will not allow you to adopt. You might be able to adopt from Greece. I don’t know about Russia, but I heard about a person who adopt a kid from Russia in my area.

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