Q&A: Did you adopt in another country because (a) wanted a white child or (b) “open adoption” in the US?

Question by Jenna: Did you adopt in another country because (a) wanted a white child or (b) “open adoption” in the US?
(c) too many 25 year old social workers involved in the USA (d) other
We already know what you will say, PIP. Are you in therapy? I feel sympathy for you. There is usally some free service if you live near a large city.

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Answer by This is my Name and My Affidavit
Who is PiP? Why do you feel you must address a private person in a question, this is not a blog but a Q/A forum.

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: Did you adopt in another country because (a) wanted a white child or (b) “open adoption” in the US?”

  1. @This is my Name and My Affidavit ~ she is having a dig at me and I wasn’t going to bother answering because I haven’t adopted.

    @Jenna ~ ROTFLMAO snd thanks for brightening up my day. Incidently yes I have had free therapy and been told I’m a well adjusted person who is functioning perfectly well. It says alot about you that you have had a dig at me without answering the question. Take a look at yourself before you have a dig at other people 😉 and no I don’t need your sympathy but thanks anyway.

  2. My family adopted my sister out of Brazil due to the fact that we are Brazillian, but that’s really the only reason that we adopted from a foreign country. To be honest, the whole international adoption thing is daunting because there is such a long legal process involved. For my family, it took nearly five months for the adoption to be finalized and this meant stayng in Brazil. I suppose people want to adopt internationally because (and I’m going to sound so wrong in saying this even if it’s not my intention) there are a lot more children who are placed up for adoption in other countries than in the US. Due to the fact that the general income of the population of the US, most people can care for their children, whereas people living in poverty cannot, therefore making the number of kids put up for adoption higher. I live in Canada, by the way, but am I right in assuming that the question is still valid?

    Hope this helps!

  3. My parents adopted in another Country to their own because (a) they were living there at the time (b) had bio boys and wanted a guaranteed girl

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