Q&A: Discursive essay…?

Question by ♥~Czech Chick~♥: Discursive essay…?
i am doing a discursive essay on celebraties adopting internationally-“self serving, or life saving”. and was wondering how to actually start writing it..

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Answer by mountain_fair
Do you have your research done? I am not sure which side you will take….but here is a suggestion:
Begin with a scenario, almost as the news would describe it: Angelina Jolie walks out of an orphanage cradling a baby.Give a bit of background (something factual — like the number of celebrities adopting, or the amount of media coverage they get) Then move on to your thesis Sample:
Although celebrities are often criticized for adopting children from impoverished nations, the act of providing a loving home actually saves the life of the selected child, and sheds light on the plight of needy children all over the world.
Although the picture of a wealthy beautiful celebrity embracing a needy child is often moving, the actual truth is that celebrities are motivated by the positive publicity and rarely actually parent the adopted child.

Good luck!

Give your answer to this question below!

Pediatrician Dr. Michael Howard discusses what prospective parents should look for when adopting internationally.

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One thought on “Q&A: Discursive essay…?”

  1. 1. Introduction (define “egoism” and “egotism”, which have to do with people’s most basic motivation):

    Human beings may be motivated by a feeling of egoism or egotism. The difference between the two is that the former has to do with self-interest as the actual motive of all conscious actions and the latter, with an exaggerated sense of self-importance. For example, in general, all human beings tend to have a sense of self-importance, which varies from individual to individual. In order to survive, humans must be reasonably egoist, that is, egoism, in a certain way, is necessary for the survival of the species. However, an exaggerated feeling of self-importance is harmful to the person (her)himself and to the ones around.

    2. Main body: introduce the two concepts (self-serving and life-saving):
    (A) self-serving: a tendency for some people to think about themselves first;
    (B) life-saving: a concept that means “to save someone from harm or danger”, which is an act of altruism (= to think about others first).

    3. Conclusion: refer to the examples provided and draw your conclusions. Do your examples show that celebrities who adopt children from poor countries are serving their own interests or the children’s? Why?

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