Q&A: How can A single man adopt A child ?

Question by Dave: How can A single man adopt A child ?
how can a single man adopt a older child ? has it ever been done ? I love children but for some reason god never allowed me to have any of my own im going to be 50 soon so having a baby is very unlikely i was thinking about adopting a preteen or early teen or possibly a special needs child thank you for any advise .If so where do I go to get more information ? What would the cost be for that kind of adoption ? Does it happen in the US. or do I have to go out of the country ? I ‘ve looked up different web sites but so far none of them have been much . I don’t know where else to look . Does any one know or am Wasting my time ? Can anybody answer my questions ?

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Answer by red elephants
You aren’t wasting your time. Single men can and do adopt just in smaller numbers than single women or married couples.

Its great that you are interesting in adopting an older child. Foster care would be the way you would go for adopting an older child. Just do a search for adoption in your county/state. So for me I would do “wake county foster care adoption” which brings up my areas human services page and deals with adoptions through foster care. Not all areas handle adoptions the same way so you would need to start there and see what their requirements are and if they allow singles to adopt at all. There are some states that do not favor single adoptions regardless of the gender.

International adoptions generally are for younger children so thats probably not a good path to go on. Its also extremely expensive. Adopting through the foster care system is generally free or very low cost (under $ 1000 compared to $ 20,000+ internationally).

There are thousands of older children in the foster care system who are available for adoption as well as special needs children. One place to start looking would be www.adoptuskids.org

Good luck. It will be a long process but very much worth it in the end.

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By: Kyla Benson and Xanning Tyler.

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