Q&A: the process for adopting an illegal immigrant child?

Question by edisonlee520: the process for adopting an illegal immigrant child?
i met a 13-year old chinese girl several days ago. she just came to US recently but without going through a legal process. well, in another way of saying this, she is a illegal immigrant. she told me she was abandoned by her parents. well, i really want to help her, but i am just a international student. how can i help her to legal stay in US. thanks.

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Answer by James Watkin
You do know that what you are told is not always the truth and unless you verify her story and her age, you could be placing yourself in a postition to be used or blackmailed.

It is best to call CPS and let them know you would like to adopt her or foster her when she is available to find a home. If you just let her move in and she is a minor runaway, you can go down for harboring a runaway, kidnapping and a couple of other felonies.

Be smart.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: the process for adopting an illegal immigrant child?”

  1. I agree with the others that something is odd about this. A 13 year old girl does not get to the US on her own from China. A family would not bring their daughter to the US from China and then abandon her. And I doubt a family would even be allowed to leave China (assuming you mean the People’s Republic) with their minor child unless they were legally emigrating.

    And the sad reality is that even if her story is true, you probably would not be able to help her stay in the US. The only ways I could see for you to adopt her would be to adopt her “internationally” via China, or to adopt her through the US foster care system. And as an international student (I’m assuming on a student visa), you can’t do either of those things.

    It is very kind of you to want to help her. But I think her story is more complicated than you know. I do hope things turn out well for you both.

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