Q&A: Why do people think adoption is better?

Question by mr. black: Why do people think adoption is better?
But they fail to realize that putting up a child for adoption does not guarantee them a happy and loving family. I always hear “There’s such a thing as adoption!” but lots of children are put up for adoption, and most of those kids never find a home. Most of them spend their entire lives as orphans.
I see the argument very clearly for pro life (Which I refer to as Anti choice)
It is difficult taking away what can potentially be a human being. but to bring an unwanted child into the world and force him to live a life without any kind of support system, I think that’s much worse.
It has nothing to do with not taking responsibility for one’s actions. Getting an abortion is a very difficult thing for someone to do. People don’t like it. It’s not pro abortion. It’s not Yay abortion. It’s about not ruining the lives of someone who’s already here and living an actual life. A Child could be born. Then again, when sperm is released, many children could be born. But only one was conceived. I think if someone’s hopes and dreams are crushed because of a mistake, they should have a right to fix it. It does’t mean it’ll keep happening. I believe in contraception, and abortion as the last case scenario.

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Answer by socaltransplant
so on a side note, could I label those who are pro-choice as anti-life, since you are labeling me as anti-choice.
Anyway, by putting a child up for adoption you are working with an agency/lawyer who would place your child before it is born, assuming we are talking in the US. I don’t see where you get yout “most kids never find homes” thought process from, maybe confusion. Overseas, mostly third world countries, those kids are abandoned which is an entirely different things. Those kids end up in orphanages, where they then hope for adoption. These kids have been abandoned which is very different from how it works in the states and more major countries.
You shoudl either clarify your statement better, work on getting educated or stop trolling to cause drama.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: Why do people think adoption is better?”

  1. Well it’s really really really hard to answer. Yes there is no better choice for an unwanted child. But YES we can have sex when ever we want to!! We can conceive children and expect no responsibly to take care of them. My f***ing god grow the f up and take some responsibility. Or our balls will be cut off and our tubes tied.

  2. I can see that I inspired this question. Yay me. Okay, I just wanted to point out that yes there are options. One could try to find a loving couple who is not able to conceive to have their baby. A child has no chance if they are not even born. You never know the type of person you will be aborting. It’s the principle of the abortion that I don’t like. I am just so uncomfortable with the idea because I believe many people need to just step up to the plate and live with their actions.

    I appreciate that you think it should be the last option, but on the contrary I once knew a girl who repeatedly had abortions. I just don’t think people do learn their lesson. Some people seem to say “Wow I had unprotected sex now I’m pregnant, I can’t believe this! Why is this happening to me? blah blah blah”. I don’t understand when people get surprised that having sex results in a pregnancy.

  3. yes, verobanales bc unwanted children only happen when two horny people want to do it but are too lazy to go to a drugstore. nope, they don’t happen when you’re raped, when you’re in an abusive relationship, certanly DON’T happen when you take precautions yet still end up pregnant bc no birth control is 99% safe.
    Expecting to get pregnant bc you dared to have sex is like saying “hey expect to get airbone disceases, after all you’re taking responsibility if you’re breathing”.

    i feel you op, bc no matter how many background checks you do you can never be 99% sure that child will have a lovely upbringning. what about those children that jump frm foster house to foster house? i’d rather be aborted than have a trauma and possibly mental problems bc my progenitor thought it would be “better” by giving me a “choice”.

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