quot;Return the liability of Tianjin furniture repair” will be implemented – Furniture, 315 – Household Goods Industry

2009 International Consumer Rights Day menu introduced. “3? 15” day, “Tianjin

Furniture Return responsibility for repair replacement rule “will be formally issued and implemented in the future

Furniture Three bags of Rights will be “law” to follow, also, Industrial and Commercial Bureau will release the first “consumer rights report of Tianjin in 2008” white paper.

First released the White Paper Rights

City Consumers Association and Secretary General of Kut Shing said that this year, the Urban Consumers Association will join the city in 18 government departments and units, co-hosted “3? 15” International Consumer Rights Day celebrations. March 15 the same day, City will be the first collaborative CASE Tourism Bureau, the city site Exit-entry Administration to carry out overseas travel advisory services to consumers on-site to answer how to apply for passports and distributed to the application form. For the international financial crisis led to the employment problem, the Urban Consumers Association will work with the municipal labor bureau, personnel bureau, youth and women organizations and other departments and personnel market in Northern China, Tianjin, China Human Resources Development Service jointly organize the employment and reemployment College Job Fair. In order to provide consumers with the city of targeted assistance and guidance, the Urban Consumers Association has compiled a set of consumer knowledge, regulations extract, common contracts, case analysis and common sense in one complaint, “consumer rights in Tianjin Guide”, “3? 15 “day complimentary to consumers to help consumers continue to increase rights awareness, improve rights protection capabilities.

In addition, the Bureau of Industry and Commerce issued the first “consumer rights report of Tianjin in 2008” White Paper, the report detailed data and analysis through a comprehensive consumer rights show the city state, consumer rights hot and difficult, and there’s all kinds of problems.

Consumer rights will be throughout the year

City Consumers Association this year will be “3? 15” International Consumer Rights Day as an opportunity to carry out throughout the year of the “three activity measures +5 +1 book” series of activities. 3 activities include: furniture and interior circulation

Decoration Quality of materials safety administration activities to property renovation, commercial sales, catering and other services to stay focused on the challenges of consumer action area of the unspoken rules, and the building of new socialist countryside agricultural products, consumer goods, agricultural activities, tracking Rights Hongdun care. 1 book refers to the “3? 15” day free of charge to the consumer, “consumer rights in Tianjin Guide.” Five measures: large-scale shopping malls, supermarkets, train activists promote on-site, simplifying procedures for small and medium Rights complaints, CASE exchange information with industry associations, consumer alerts issued monthly, to avoid consumer traps, the establishment of consumer and business complaints Reconciliation.

Promote consumer rights through train City Administration of Industry 12315 Center for reporting complaints, said the city this year to promote shopping malls, supermarkets, train activists on site. 12315 Complaints Report Center and the city shopping malls, supermarkets, chain stores, outside the (co)-funded commercial service enterprises, other ports business Zhujin established distribution and service institutions through interactive links, district branch of the Centre and other jurisdictions have service sector enterprises to establish commercial service through interactive links. Complaint Center received 12,315 reports of consumer complaints, the complaint information in the form of a written notice by fax or e-mail-related businesses, light industry and commerce authorities for the time limit for consumers by the corporate initiative to find their own solutions. Currently, 12,315 complaints have been reported and the city center more than 150 shopping malls, supermarkets, train activists established, which will reduce the settlement of consumer complaints of intermediate links, speed up the settlement rate, closer relationship between businesses and consumers.

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