R & D, agents, co-integration of Hong to “three pillars” – hung together, Shu-Jiang Zh

?? Beijing Hong Hop Technology Shu-Jiang Zhang, Vice President

The outside, hung together over the years technology has undergone several restructuring. Independent research and development from the earliest, the company shifted the focus to the projector Proxy 2006, and turned back and started R & D cooperation of Hong Showcase And Whiteboard , Which in particular the development and promotion efforts Whiteboard very large. So the fact is it? HC Education Network in Harbin show, with questions to visit Beijing Hong Shu-Jiang Zhang, vice president of science and technology cooperation, asked him to give us answers.

Beijing Shu-Jiang Zhang Hong, vice president of science and technology cooperation

“Since 2000, David co-technology idea is very clear, ‘trade, industry, technology` a few lines to go along with the outside world may feel the ups and downs, but in terms of in-house, without any change . independent innovation and trading agents, coupled with integrated project, Hong he were called “three pillars” and pillar of strength is very balanced. outside of all because of exposure to the media coverage is different, so will feel some difference. In fact the pace of Hong combined technology inside is very consistent. “Shu-Jiang Zhang words reveal the secret.

Why we feel the whiteboard and it is now more prominent then? Mainly Hong he really stepped up whiteboard technology promotion efforts. Hong he now whiteboard technology market knowledge and Technology And manufacturing, there is a big breakthrough. Late last year, hung together to re-Extension technology in Shenzhen more than 4,000 square meters of new modern factory, this R & D on hardware production in the whiteboard there is a protection.

Also in the whiteboard technology, infrared technology has also been a major breakthrough, making the cost, reliability and Software Support has improved. So Hung together technology from the technical preparation, manufacturing preparations have tended to mature. While market demand has matured a lot compared to, this is because the overseas markets whiteboard to mature, the performance of the Chinese market will be active immediately. Hong cooperation Science and Technology announced in 2007 as a “white board the first year.”

“Works for AV integration, Hong combined technology is also doing well, in the first half had just signed a number of relatively large projects, such as moving nearly 2,000 million Sichuan project. Trade in this part, such as Mitsubishi Electric Projector market Performance is greatly increased. According to market research firm statistics, in 2006 the biggest sales of Hitachi projectors, Mitsubishi, the largest growth rate. So, David is actually three departments combined technology go hand in hand. “Shu-Jiang Zhang to talk about with confidence.

Customer support to the market more confidence in Hong cooperation Introduction

Shu-Jiang Zhang, Hong he intends to continue to accelerate this technology forward?? Run, believe it will achieve even greater growth. Projector after another drop in prices, while demand continues to expand. “I came to the Higher Education Fair was obvious to see that many of our customers and Cooperation Partners, and customers will purchase our products very much. The projection piece, hung together for the country’s goal this year is still very clear, and we hope to do better than in 2006, with steady growth. And we hung together and must do better.

Hong combined technology by the end of April 2007, in May, when, to further improve the channel distribution network. Now, Hong he established a nationwide 30 business units, has been extended to Lhasa, more complete and in-depth than last year. Strengthen market management in the internal network, while operating through the 30 branches of the external management. Because we enriched, so it hung together the development of science and technology will be better than last year. David is currently co-

main push whiteboard products, in the general education development, higher education as a key product development are recommended. Shenyang General Education Science and Technology to take part in co-Chin Hung. Our customers are seeing our whiteboard, so hung together more information technology will do. Hong cooperation in science and technology has developed with many primary and secondary education, higher education and meet the whiteboard kits, so greatly enhance the product cost. We can say a lot of new research techniques for carving, and now has surpassed the similar products abroad. Now both the traditional whiteboard and core electromagnetic technology, using active pen, reliability, bias, and the costs are high. Our whiteboard is infrared technology as the core, is passive pen, can be arbitrary, random media to replace, so that on the whiteboard a lot of technical nuances. We are now more in line with market needs Whiteboard, should be called the 3rd generation, 4th generation of electronic whiteboards, whiteboard concept for the front line has been a long time, our products are the latest generation, is a new breakthrough. The effect is very good, used, teachers are very good, but reliability is relatively high, even to the whiteboard to drop leakage smashed, it is not wrong to write according to the physical techniques have not been destroyed. If the previous electromagnetic technology, let alone the middle of being smashed, and is no longer deep scratch down and write.

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