Should I keep it or get an abortion and be done with it?

Question by Glamour&Couture: Should I keep it or get an abortion and be done with it?
I’m 14. And 8 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend said he will srupport either one although I still know it’s possible for me to end up a single mother. Wait I will probably end up a single mother. I’m not use to any of this. I’m an only child and the only thing I have to care for is myself most of the time. And I can spend my money on whatever I want. I can’t handle adoption even open. I just can’t. Which one should I do? I’m sooo confused.

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15 thoughts on “Should I keep it or get an abortion and be done with it?”

  1. I really dont think you should ever have to abort a baby. That is just so wrong. If you think your old enough to be having sex then deal with the consequences.

  2. It depends if you have supporting parents that will help you then you will have help and then you should probaly have the baby. I wouldn’t count on the boyfriend.

  3. Don’t kill your baby! If you would rather not keep the baby then you could put it up for adoption or let a relitive or friend that you trust take care or your baby for you. I would take the baby if I could and there are so many people out there who would love to have your baby as their own! Please do not take the life of your baby! That would be so sad!

  4. Get an abortion. There are already enough people in the world. No offense, but no one needs another typical child around with no father and an uneducated mother, growing up into a tempermental sociopath. Who’s also fat and depriving attention since your sorry ass will be working so much to support it, you’ll barely have enough time to cook it real meals and read it storybooks at night. Do you know how many methods of FREE birth control available there are? I would say I feel sorry for you, but I don’t.

    For all the ignorant morons who just say “give it up for adoption”, do you know there are over one half million kids in foster care, and 1/3 of them are adoptable. It isn’t fashionable to adopt from your own country anymore, too much red tape. Why do you think overseas adoption is so popular?
    Also just think how it would be to have your doorbell ring 18 years from now when you have a new family and someone says Hi Mom. Why did you and Dad give me away 18 years ago?
    Not to mention you’re going to still have to go through nine hard months of pregnancy and labor for nothing!

  5. This is your choice. Don’t ask other people to make it for you. There is no cut and dry solutions to this problem.

    I’m glad to see you understand you are too young at 14 for a baby and that your boyfriend may not stick around for long. That alone shows maturity. Women in their early 20’s who get preganant w/ no finanicial support and no father can’t even realize this (most of the time)

    Like I said. Abortion is a completely personal choice. You need to speak to your parents and/or guardians about this. Most likely, they will be funding the procedure if you get one. They are costly, around $ 500-$ 600.

    I’m pro-choice. Personally, I would never have an abortion as a women in my 20’s w/ a college education and a career. But, it’s not my place to judge what someone else does. I think if I had got pregnant at 14, I might have considered abortion. I just don’t think I would have been ready at all. Even if adoption was going to happen, I could not carry on with the pregnancy full term. Emotionally, so young—I could have never done it.

    Anyway, talk to your family. They are the only one’s that can help you make this decision.

  6. How can someone consider abortion and NOT adOPTION.

    The best OPTION is adOPTION. My father was adopted and my wife and I adopted our son so I do understand the situation.

    Also, not to sound like too much of a old man (I’m only 31)
    Stop having sex. You are far too young to be having sex, especially unprotected sex. A simple rule would be, if you are not prepared to have a baby, you are not prepared to have sex. Too many problems can come from those fleeting moments of pleasure.

  7. I think you should learn to “handle” adoption. Don’t abort. Don’t keep the baby. There are lots of really good families out there looking to adopt a baby. You still have to finish school and depending on the age of you boyfriend, he may have to finish school as well. You should think about the welfare of your child right now. This isn’t about you, no matter what you tell yourself. A child deserves to grow up with a family that can support it, provide it with all the things necessary to survive. At 14, you’re not able to do that. It’s not even fair to think that your parents should support your child. Put the baby up for adoption to a loving family. Best wishes!

  8. i dont agree with abortions but on the other hand your only a child yourself i think you need to talk to your parents before anything but you need to ask yourself some questions first, do you think your boyfriend will defo stick around? are you both old anoth and mature anoth? will you recent the baby when all your friends are out parting?can you cope with a new born baby not to think of the pregnancy and child birth?you haven’t even finished school yet but please please talk to your parents you need there support b4 you do anything,good luck hopeyou can make the right choice which is right for you x

  9. there are many people who will give the baby a loving home. you say you just cant. that is ridiculous. you need to think of the baby that you created and do what is really right. dept. of social services can help you, a counselor at school can help you set up an appointment. next time ,you plan on sex, make sure you use condoms. keep them in your pocket. better yet, wait until later,and concentrate on being a good student, so you can get a decent job later.this isn’t just a game.this is your life.and there is more to it than malls and sex that you are not ready for.

  10. if you don’t want to keep it, i completely understand. but, there’s also the option of adoption. i personally think that sounds like what’s best for you.

    my sister had an abortion at your age, and to this day i can’t respect her for killing her child.

    you’re old enough to have sex, you’re old enough to deal with the results.

    i’m not saying raise the child, but don’t murder it.

  11. Would you rather give your baby up to loving parents that could give it a wonderful life or stop the chance of it having a life at all?

  12. You are really young to deal with the trauma of an abortion, but you are also too young to raise a child.

    What I can tell you about abortion is that almost all of my friends had one when we were in our teens and early twenties, and every single one of them says it is their biggest regret in life. At the same time, you cannot raise a baby alone, and even if your boyfriend says he will be there, you cannot rely on that as gospel.

    I would seriously recommend that you tell your parents today. If you are too scared to do it alone, hopefully there is a teacher, pastor, or some other adult you can trust to help you with this. The best option would be adoption or guardianship within your family if it’s possible.

    There is another issue here that concerns me, and that is your boyfriend’s age. I hope he is the same age as you. In the U.S., most states have either 16 or 17 as the age of consent for sex, and about 10 or 12 states are actually age 18 to consent. Nowhere in this country can a 14 year old legally consent to sex, so if your boyfriend is over the age of consent in your state, he has committed statutory rape. Your parents could press charges if that’s the case.

    Please talk to your parents today about this, don’t let it wait any longer!

  13. you really shouldn’t get rid of it…i know no one can tell you how to feel and what to do, but just know that if you do terminate it, get rid of it, there will be times in your life until the day you die, that you will regret it, you will think about that unborn baby every day, and wonder what it would have been like, what it looked like, the silly things it may have said. everything. God lets things happen for reasons, that child can be your best friend and greatest love of your life. i know it must be hard to only be 14…but really if you think you are old enough to have sex, you are old enough to have a child.
    If you do not want to be a mom, give it up for adoption, there are so many people who try for years to have babies, and can’t…i have relatives who have done this, spent thousands of dollars trying to get pregnant, and cant…they adpoted babies, and it has made such a huge impact on their lives, they are so thankful to the biological mothers of their 2 children. Please really think about it, there are clinics you can go to that can talk to you and help you through your pregnancy, and can assist you as a single mother if you dont want to give the baby up for adoption. Do the right thing and have the baby. i will pray for you.

    This song pretty much lays out what abortion is…
    it’s a christian punk rock band, and when you listen to the words, it’s from the baby’s perspective….it really makes you think….i hope you make the right decision…regardless of what you decide, after all it is your decision, you will have to deal with it the rest of your life.

    “In the Line of Fire”
    I didn’t die a natural death.
    My life was stolen from me, before my first natural breath.
    Casualty of circumstance.
    Someone made a decision for me.
    They never gave me a chance.

    Where’s that first birthday I hoped for?
    The candle I’d blow out.
    No one will ever hear me laugh or ever see me smile.
    I would’ve make my parents proud.

    They weren’t much more than children themselves.
    I felt her honest reasons,
    though she said it would further her health.
    I’m on the inside looking out.
    Please don’t just give up, at least give me to someone else.


    Adoption, abortion, am I responsible for your action?
    Life versus death, they make the choice, they let me go.
    Disregard human value.
    What if your parents did this to you?
    Victim of circumstance, this is our last dance.

    Eleven weeks old today.
    My mother made a pro-choice, a purchase I would have to pay.
    They found a price on my life.
    Consider this my farewell. My good bye.

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