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States United States

Changzhou Golden Sun Electrical Appliance comprehensive strategic acquisitions news conference held in Nanjing. It is reported that in the Jiangsu Golden Sun within the eight stores will be fully incorporated into the State system of the U.S. stores. The acquisition marks the Gome in Jiangsu market “conquering a city” program has been rolled out across the board, also indicates that the expansion of GOME nationwide wave of mergers and acquisitions across the board speed.

Rapid expansion of Jiangsu appliance market “situation processes”

Learned that Jiangsu Golden Sun Appliance Co., Ltd. is famous in Jiangsu Province

Home appliance chain

One of the enterprises in Changzhou and the surrounding region has a cultural palace stores, shops, eight professional Wilder bridge stores with a total business area of nearly 50,000 square meters, the total


Amount of more than eleven million


AV class, ice wash category, the five categories of small household appliances were more than ten thousand kinds of commodities. The company Changzhou City for three consecutive years among the “top ten distribution companies,” topped many times, in Changzhou city in the consumer electronics market share of over 50%. Meanwhile, the Golden Sun’s per capita sales in Jiangsu Province


Has been among the best home appliance chain in China, “Jiang Su Sanjiang” one. In 2003, the “Golden Sun” font size as Jiangsu famous brand, “with the blue sky, the share of Golden Sun” is also a time to become familiar with a promotion in Southern English.

Gome acquired Golden Sun

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April this year, Gome buy Nanjing Golden Sun from the “Glass War” successfully won one fell swoop the annexation of Golden Sun, Nanjing Xin Jie Kou

Flagship store

, The first successful landing of China business district, with mature


Model and pricing strategy, combined with the store have a unique geographical advantage, opening the first three days, sales exceeded 1 billion to create the myth of China’s home appliance industry, amazing.

Gome and therefore together into strategic cooperation with Golden Sun’s “honeymoon period.”

After only six months, Gome cooperation agreement with Golden Sun: Golden Sun Gome full access disc stores in Jiangsu in the market, this makes the system a net increase of Gome stores nearly 50,000 square meters of business area shorten the store development process, also means that the maturity of Gome stores with Golden Sun as the secondary market in Jiangsu, “outstanding.”

Open up new trails, “Golden Sun Extreme” turned out to

Face of China’s home appliance market, “surging”, in particular international appliance


Call repeatedly to enter the domestic market, Gome seize the opportunity to set off the biggest Chinese appliance market expansion, mergers and acquisitions, integration of frenzy. The successful acquisition of Jiangsu Golden Sun Gome appliance business, marking the Gome opened up again

Appliance Retail

Development of new model development of the whole industry will have a major positive impact.

Sun, general manager of Gome chain of a small development center told reporters after Gome acquisition of Golden Sun, Golden Sun will be fully adjusted operating structure. Previously, only the traditional category of Golden Sun’s operating AV, refrigerators, washing machines and other five categories, and sales growth potential is not involved in the 3C industry,


Digital and other new appliances is a blind spot in his. After taking over Golden Sun, Gome will be fully introduced 3C category, while adjusting the layout floor, according to reshape the modern business model, “Golden Sun.” It is worth mentioning that this merger case, the National United States does not completely reinvent the wheel, but at the same time continue to operate Golden Sun Holdings


The new strategic cooperation, States United States joined hands together to create a new Golden Sun enterprise name?? Golden Sun Extreme, the future head of the original door in addition to the original Golden Sun signs, will also appear GOME LOGO. Gome and the Golden Sun of The Union, as their way to integration of the domestic small home appliance chain enterprises also pointed out that a way forward. Gome said that after as long as the appropriate object, Gome will also expand in this way to speed up the distribution network in eastern China, the largest home appliance chain enterprises to consolidate the position.

Sun a small added that the current appliances with


Has entered the era of fully integrated, out of the market leading

Home appliance retail chain

Enterprises, to adopt and structure, to achieve accelerated development, in a short period of time greater


Advantage. Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Golden Sun appliances as well-known home appliance brands, the merged Gome, after a year of operation, Gome appliance retail in Jiangsu market share leading position.

Successful layout is difficult to shake the country the status of the U.S. giant

In late July of this year, China successfully entered the United States, Nanjing, completed its market network layout at the national level, has become a country the United States home appliance market in Jiangsu Province “finishing touch.” From the country after the United States stationed in Nanjing, opened a record has been renewed, 10 days to open a new store, open six months out of nine stores during the period, the speed of this shop are second to none in the industry. Gome’s official stressed, in Nanjing field, shop means that market share, and dedicated to the best interests of the consumers.

GOME level

repeatedly stressed on various occasions, as the original region of Jiangsu home appliance industry has been formed, Gome, if the competition to get the initiative in Jiangsu Province, it is necessary to iron bowl means a bigger market than the opponent share in order to obtain dominance in the Jiangsu region.

And structure with the Golden Sun’s cooperation, Gome stores in Jiangsu Province, close to 30 the number of sudden increase, which greatly reduces the expansion of the country the United States at the time cost of Jiangsu Province, but also laid the States United States the important position in the Jiangsu region so that the strength of Jiangsu Gome great strides have taken place in advance.

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