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Is there really a difference between anti-adoption and pro-reform?

Question by Zuko: Is there really a difference between anti-adoption and pro-reform?
I haven’t been around in awhile, but taking a look around today, I’ve seen a lot of downing on the anti-adoption bias on these boards.

I know that I personally think the system needs a HUGE re-boot… but I also know that I’m not anti-adoption.

My question is for the other side of these boards… I’m wondering if you guys see a difference between anti-adoption and pro-reform or if they’re essentially the same to you.

Also, for those of you who ARE happy with your experiences, is there anything you would change about the adoption system?

I’m just curious… and I’m honestly not trying to be snarky or start a Y!A battle.

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Answer by tish
sure there’s a difference. and it’s not as nuanced as many wish to make it. the bottom line: most SUPPORT ethical adoptions of kids who are in need of famiies.

what many of us are critical of, is the trend of finding babies for people who can’t have them, at the expense of fmother and adoptee loss and explotation.

also, it’s almost becoming consumerism when people are trying to “special order babies”, claim babies in the wombs of other women, manipulate biology and science to get a kid, and turn a blind eye to the racism, corruption (just look at guatamala), profit, greed and entitlement in the industry, all in the name of “having a baby.”

in other words, if adoption is for kids who need homes (and not contrived situations like, poverty, youth or marital status) most are fine. but when there is a “demand” for a certian type of child, over others; or coercive practices employed to ensure a successful placement, with limited “birthmother interference”; or when women are made to feel like breeders and are left with limited choices other than renting their uterus to meet their mortgage, it gets a bit nasty.

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What truly is “Anti-adoption” and would you consider yourself?

Question by …: What truly is “Anti-adoption” and would you consider yourself?
to be “Anti-adoption”.

Please leave your opinions of other people out of this, what do YOU consider yourself to be even if not “Anti-adoption”?
may I ask, under what circumstance do you feel adoptions are okay?

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Answer by DevonChaos
I try not to put a label to my beliefs because then people will assume I believe in certain ideas based on that label.

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