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Has debating the topic of adoption ever made you violent?

Question by magdalene: Has debating the topic of adoption ever made you violent?
I have had issues with my daughter, who adopted a child overseas against my say so. I am angry with her to the point of writing her out of my will and trying to get her out of my life. My friend came over and she kept trying to defend my daughter and adoption as a whole, which made me nearly slap her. I raised my hand to try to shut her up but I didn’t actually hit her. It just made me so angry that she would defend these scumbag adopters and agencies. Has anyone else ever felt the urge to slap people who defend those despicable people?

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Answer by Ryan
I think the real question here is why you have so much anger towards the concept of adoption and people who adopt.

It sounds like you’ve already lost a daughter and are on your way to losing a friend over these reactions. The anger you are experiencing is hurting your relationships with people. Look towards addressing that anger.

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Last year, Americans adopted nearly 13000 children from foreign countries. CBS News have uncovered some serious questions about the legitimacy of adoptions …

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My Favourite Overseas Trip Ever

I love to travel, and my favourite overseas holiday was a recent trip to the Dominican Republic.

I went with my family on a summer holiday trip to an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana, on the coast of the Dominican Republic. We saved up for nearly a year for the holiday, which was to celebrate my brother’s high school graduation. We decided to go in early July, when the weather is hot, making it the perfect time for a beach holiday!

Arriving in Punta Cana’s airport is a unique experience! We disembarked from the aircraft and walked across the tarmac to the airport. The airport was open air, with a grass roof. We called it the air hut, and the hot, humid air was churned by giant ceiling fans hung from the grass rooves.

The bus to the resort was air-conditioned, and when we arrived at our accommodation, we were thrilled by the offer of cool, tropical drinks while we waited to check in.

Like most of the Caribbean’s luxurious resorts, our resort at Punta Cana was filled with open-air buildings that housed restaurants, a night club, a casino and lounges. Our room was in a building that was along the trolley route that interlaced the resort.

It was lovely to relax on the terrace, but more fun to put on our swimsuits and go to the resort’s two enormous, lagoon-style pools. With a swim-up bar, poolside dining, and a variety of tanning shelves, fountains, and wading entrances, it was the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon together.

While lounging around the pool, I kept myself busy chatting to other guests. People I met included Americans from New York City and Miami, Florida; Germans from Berlin; and Colombians from Bogota. The cacophony of voices over the sounds of splashing children was in so many different languages!

I spent a lot of time in the pool too, not just looking at it. When I became too water logged, I enjoyed relaxing on a chaise lounge under a grass umbrella, and sipping my pina colada or strawberry daiquiri.

If I tired of that particular occupation, it was only a short walk to the wide expanse of white sand beach and bright, blue ocean. The ocean was so much warmer than I had ever experienced! Usually more reserved, I was shocked to find myself swimming out into the ocean, enjoying the sight of the tropical fish that darted around my legs as I moved. One day, though, my delight turned to fear, when instead of a fish I saw a water snake! I was okay but decided to head back to shore and continue working on my suntan back on the beach!

My family and I made reservations at check in for dinner at a different restaurant each night of our week long stay at the resort. We enjoyed Dominican food, including delicious grilled steak and spicy fried potatoes. I think that my favourite dinner was at the French restaurant where I enjoyed brie, baked in layers of flaky pastry and served with raspberry jam. At the Thai restaurant I enjoyed eating all kinds of different foods, including different seafood and pad thai, which was made with spicy rice noodles.

The combination of beautiful beaches, warm water, exotic foods, interesting people and the relaxing resort made our trip to the Dominican Republic a family holiday I will remember forever.

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