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Q&A: Would like to adopt a child from India…need some information please!?

Question by Jess: Would like to adopt a child from India…need some information please!?
I am getting married in less than 2 months and my fiance and i are beginning to look into adoption organizations in India.

I am aware that we will not be considered for application until we’ve been married for approximately 2 years….but we’re doing the research now so when we do want to adopt, we will have a plan.

The problem we’ve been encountering is that many adoption agencies give preference to Indian families in inter-country adoptions. My fiance and I are Bosnian, and Swedish, respectively, so we’re finding it difficult to find an agency that would be willing to work with us.

If you’ve adopted from India, know someone who has, or are otherwise familiar with the process I would be very appreciative if you could share what you know.

Thanks so much for all of your help!
Just in case it comes up again; We are not adopting from India solely because we want to “help” the less fortunate. If that was our sole motivation we wpuld not be focused on any particular country and would likely adopt from the US.

The truth of the matter is that both my fiance and I traveled to India about 5 years ago and fell in love with the people, and culture.

And by the way…the United States isn’t recognized as being overpopulated. Our population density/square mile is less than virtually every developed country. But thanks for your concern.
…I should’ve clarified, we are citizens of and are living in the U.S.
To the final comment; your answer presupposes that every race is distinguishable from one another beginning at birth. Your asenine response exemplifies the epitome of American ignorance. If my husband and I were to adopt an infant from India (or any other country for that matter) we would be as qualified to raise that child as a child from Bosnia, Sweden, or the U.S.

How do you explain that so many children adopted from other nations live happy, well-adjusted lives when their parents are from a different “culture” than their own?

If you were a knowledgable human rights activist you would understand that culture is acquired, not innate, therefore a child from India could be raised as an American without any repercussions…just as an American child could be raised in India without any ill-effects or counter-culturally turmoil.

Best answer:

Answer by chase r
I know its all good to try to help people, but adopting from other countries is just overpopulating the U.S, adopt in the U.S

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Domestic/International Adoption

Have you ever thought about orphans? Children in other countries suffering? If you think nothing of that then I hope this video will change your mind.
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Any information on foreign adoption welcome?

Question by LilSunbeam: Any information on foreign adoption welcome?
My husband and I have six children from previous marriages but our younges is 16 months and we are thinking of adopting a baby girl from overseas because Isaiah is seven years younger then the next youngest and we want him to grow up with someone like our other children are. Where would we start and what are the best agencies (reputable) to use?

Best answer:

Answer by alyanna99
Get the following book – it is very thorough and informative:

“The Complete Book of International Adoption: A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your Child”

You can find reviews about it on Amazon.com.

Give your answer to this question below!

This is a love story about our journey to adopt our daughter.

I recommend these international adoption babies products

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More Information On Moving Overseas

Moving overseas is a big step that could be both exciting and stressful. Careful planning is essential to achieve success in moving and you might require the valuable support of a network of overseas moving corporations to take care of your belongings from nation to nation.

Any intention of moving to a foreign land needs to commence with a comprehensive list of things to do. This will include:

choosing overseas moving companies
preparing detailed inventory of belongings
packing items
obtaining necessary permissions to move plants and pets
getting sufficient insurance coverage
notifying persons and corporations about your transfer and
arranging for acceptance of items in your new house if they arrive ahead of you

Choosing a removalist

Reliability and experience are important factors to look for in a removalist. Employ a professional who comes highly recommended by people you know or one who has verified references and is accredited by an Australian removalist organisation.

While you are moving overseas, you should also ensure that your removalist has an equally reliable local partner in the destination country so as to facilitate your transfer.

Preparing an inventory

A comprehensive inventory of items that youll be packing and bringing to your new home country would serve as a record of the items you sent through the removalist and a checklist of things that you will receive upon their delivery. Your removalist can offer you a pre-printed checklist that you could fill out as you list items one room at a time, to ease the headache of preparing this list.

Packing items

Letting your moving specialist to pack your items for you not only takes away some of the burden of physically moving but more importantly offers extra care for special items. Not only is a removalist trained to pack your belongings the right way but its personnel would even have the appropriate packing solutions like wooden crates, bubble wraps and polystyrene injected mouldings.

Plant permits

Movers generally dont include plants and pets when moving overseas. You will need to make special arrangements to transport your pets and obtain a Department of Agriculture certificate permitting you to move plants. Your removalist might also be able to provide assistance to you in preparing the necessary import documents and paying the correct import duties prior to moving your things overseas.

Insurance coverage

Whilst your mover will be cautious while moving your items, you may not be able to claim for damages due to unforeseeable situations beyond its control if you dont have insurance coverage. Your removalist can help you obtain one from an insurer which covers risks in your destination country as well.

Before moving to a foreign land, you would need to inform the overseas moving companies of the person authorised to accept your belongings if youre not going to be there at the time of delivery. Your removalist could take care of storing your items until you are ready to accept them but this may entail additional costs for warehousing, handling and re-delivery.

Kent is Australia’s largest family owned international moving company. Kent provides a complete removal, storage and relocation service to individuals, families and business alike. For more information, about removalists Melbourne visit http://www.kentmoving.com NOW.

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Information on Adoption Counseling

Have you recently welcomed a new member to your family by adoption? I’m sure you are simply splendid beyond belief with your decision and truly love your new child but want to make sure that he or she feels the same way and is as comfortable in their new home as possible. If you have these feelings and agree with what I stated, then maybe you should seriously consider adoption counseling.

Adoption counseling is for the whole family to attend and to share their feelings together as a group. This way, your new arrival will feel as welcomed as possible. Here they can mention their feelings if they are scared, happy, sad, or whatever they may be feeling at that point in time.

The counselor or therapist will be sure to make everyone feel as safe and comfortable as possible while your family is talking and sharing. The therapist’s main goal is to let the new child know that the counseling sessions have nothing to do with their behavior, but to let them know that you as a family want to make him or her feel as welcomed and loved as possible.

The services will also not cost you an arm and a leg.

Counselors understand that this can be a very stressful part of your life right now, so they would like to help you as much as they can and try to make the service very cost efficient. So give it some thought, talk it over with your family, and make a call to your nearest family counseling center to ask about their adoption counseling choices. I am sure they will be happy to help.

More information on adoption counseling and adoptions in general can be found at http://www.adoptionbuddy.com

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