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i wanted to know how old do you have to be to adopted a child?

Question by William E: i wanted to know how old do you have to be to adopted a child?
there’s one more thing i left out i’m gay and i wanted to also know does that make a difference with adopting?

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Answer by momma to 2!
Well I do not think that with you being gay really matters, but they will want to be extra hard on you while screening process. I had a friend that was also and he went to try to adopt. they were much harder on him (which they admited). Just be careful and make sure you find the right agency.

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Adoption love: Our home, waiting for our baby.

We are so ready to become parents through adoption! We are already preparing our home with baby proofing and starting the nursery. Here’s a little tour of ou…

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I am approved to adopt a child or children. Does anyone know of an adoptable child who needs a family?

Question by want2adoptnow: I am approved to adopt a child or children. Does anyone know of an adoptable child who needs a family?
I have been on the waiting list for 2 years, but going through CPS, is like playing monopoly. Now I am venturing out to seek a private adoption. I am looking to adopt a multi-race/bi-racial toddler between ages 2 and 5. We have a 7800 square foot home and all information is verifiable and legal. If anyone knows of someone interested in a private adoption, would you please refer them to me or vice versa?

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Answer by sklmajs
wanna adopt me? Just kidding… good luck with that! If I were you I would go to the family planning in your area and see if they can help you out or keep your name available for the unwed mothers that want to give up their child for adoption. Get a lawyer first though.

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Nap Time?

Trying to get Cadence to take a nap …
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Does anyone know if I can adopt the baby of a visiting international woman legally?

Question by peapodlmn: Does anyone know if I can adopt the baby of a visiting international woman legally?
We would like to pursue international adoption, and I was curious if you could bring the pregnant woman to the United States on a Visa and conduct the adoption this way. Please let me know. Thank you!

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Answer by Tom
No. Unlikely the mother could get a visa for that purpose.

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Baby Market - Spain

300000 babies abducted in Spanish adoption scam To see more go to www.youtube.com Follow us on Facebook (goo.gl or Twitter (www.twitter.com As thousands of reports in Spain emerge of doctors having stolen babies from new mothers and sold them into adoption, we follow some of the victims in the search for their biological parents. German Gallego shows us a photograph of a dead baby. She is frozen, her little limbs twisted as she rests in the freezer, kept so that nurses could produce her to deceive parents into thinking their child was dead. Apparently,”many doctors became very wealthy doing this”. It was something they had learned from Franco’s social engineering programme and turned into a money-making operation. Many of these doctors are still alive and some may even still be practising. “There is no identifying information. It has just vanished”, says Randy, who was sold to an American family. The destruction of the paper trail has frustrated the search for his biological mother. For thousands of mothers in Spain, who may or may not have had their children die during the period these abductions were prevalent, it has meant anger and doubt. Nuria, whose sister apparently died stillborn, is having her sister’s grave opened for a DNA check. However, for some, like Vicen, having the truth emerge and knowing there is a chance of finding her children offers hope of a new start. “I know that it is very difficult to find them but now I have a motive to continue living”. A Film
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A Child Should Know The Importance Of Punctuality

Better three hours too soon than a minute too late. William Shakespeare. Punctuality is a very indispensable practice which should be followed by all of us. The minute that has gone cannot be regained by any means. Being punctual is always appreciated and the habit of not being punctual put a question mark on the person character. A person is always beleaguered if he is unfaithful to his appointments. Punctuality is the essential asset and has to be practiced with great care since childhood. So let us start this from now and make up our mind to be punctual always.

We should value time then only we can move ahead in life. Punctuality is one such ethic which everyone should follow. However no teacher will consider any child who is coming late and no employer will tolerate any employee who is late comer. You may trot several excuses to your senior of late coming but the fact is that they are no more respected.

The best way to bring up punctuality in adults is to inculcate them about punctuality from their early days. You need to teach them to value time and perform their task on time.

As parents your first responsibility is to make sure that your child follows daily routine in time. This mean that there should be fixed timing for sleeping and waking up.  Following discipline at home teaches the child the importance of punctuality. You should also appreciate your child when he is punctual and perform the task on time. Children learn by imitating their elders so you need to be punctual and your child will automatically adopt it.

If you are late then that means you do not respect the other’s person time. Being late does not make you an important person or a special person.  If you are late for once or twice in your life then it may be unavoidable but being late constantly makes you untrustworthy. Being late makes you a discourteous person because you lack concern and respect for the other person and for the commitment you made. Children at their early stages of life should learn and realize the importance of punctuality in their lives. As a parent, your best teaching instrument is your attitude and having a positive attitude about learning and a curiosity for learning new things instills same beliefs in your children. Show them that punctuality is the ticket to fulfilling their dreams and having a productive life.

If you are the parent of a nursery going school kid, you would probably understand how difficult it is to get him/her to school on time and the problem does not lie with preschoolers only. If you find that waking up the child at a particular time but not reaching school on time, then wake him/her up at least half hour before the specified time. Of course, the first few days would be very difficult but your kid would probably get used to that. Unpunctuality is a discourtesy that can cause several issues in a kid as he/she grows up. If you want your kid to grow up to be mature, responsible and punctual individuals, then you must embed the seeds of punctuality since childhood days.

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