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Q&A: Would like to adopt a child from India…need some information please!?

Question by Jess: Would like to adopt a child from India…need some information please!?
I am getting married in less than 2 months and my fiance and i are beginning to look into adoption organizations in India.

I am aware that we will not be considered for application until we’ve been married for approximately 2 years….but we’re doing the research now so when we do want to adopt, we will have a plan.

The problem we’ve been encountering is that many adoption agencies give preference to Indian families in inter-country adoptions. My fiance and I are Bosnian, and Swedish, respectively, so we’re finding it difficult to find an agency that would be willing to work with us.

If you’ve adopted from India, know someone who has, or are otherwise familiar with the process I would be very appreciative if you could share what you know.

Thanks so much for all of your help!
Just in case it comes up again; We are not adopting from India solely because we want to “help” the less fortunate. If that was our sole motivation we wpuld not be focused on any particular country and would likely adopt from the US.

The truth of the matter is that both my fiance and I traveled to India about 5 years ago and fell in love with the people, and culture.

And by the way…the United States isn’t recognized as being overpopulated. Our population density/square mile is less than virtually every developed country. But thanks for your concern.
…I should’ve clarified, we are citizens of and are living in the U.S.
To the final comment; your answer presupposes that every race is distinguishable from one another beginning at birth. Your asenine response exemplifies the epitome of American ignorance. If my husband and I were to adopt an infant from India (or any other country for that matter) we would be as qualified to raise that child as a child from Bosnia, Sweden, or the U.S.

How do you explain that so many children adopted from other nations live happy, well-adjusted lives when their parents are from a different “culture” than their own?

If you were a knowledgable human rights activist you would understand that culture is acquired, not innate, therefore a child from India could be raised as an American without any repercussions…just as an American child could be raised in India without any ill-effects or counter-culturally turmoil.

Best answer:

Answer by chase r
I know its all good to try to help people, but adopting from other countries is just overpopulating the U.S, adopt in the U.S

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Domestic/International Adoption

Have you ever thought about orphans? Children in other countries suffering? If you think nothing of that then I hope this video will change your mind.
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Do these things happen in China a lot too like it happens in the US? teen girl flushed a new born down toilet?

Question by Obama Bin Lying: Do these things happen in China a lot too like it happens in the US? teen girl flushed a new born down toilet?

Best answer:

Answer by MaggieChen
i am sorry to hear it, it is a sad story, the girl only 14 years old, he born a baby? it sounds a joke.
she even flush her baby down toilet.
God, please forgive her! save her son!

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The Red Thread, Scene 1 (Concert Reading)

Concert Reading of the first scene of my one-act chamber opera – The Red Thread Libretto by Rene Orth 2nd St Chamber Orchestra, Conductor Brandon Neal Daught…

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British like “Made in China” products – Grooving Tool Manufacturer – China Metal Turning T

With the rapid development of Chinese economy, Chinese goods in recent years in the UK market share increase. Shopping in London, both in large department stores, or in the streets to spread the free market can always see the “Made in China.” Marks & Spencer, or Durban in South London department stores such as middle and low department store shelves, Chinese-made clothing, footwear, household and other light industrial goods abound. A resident in the UK for 20 years, said the Chinese, all these years, his house repairing the many things that are “Chinese goods.”

So, the British market, is how an array of Chinese goods to see it? Press once met at a craft store for the elderly in the purchase of a British-made craft pen holder. We asked him about his impression on Chinese goods. The old man very frankly and honestly say that he liked the penholder to produce sophisticated, compact shape.

He also said that the British attitude towards Chinese products, but also as in the past treated as Japanese products, is undergoing a process of change. Fifties and sixties of last century, Japanese products just entering the British market, the relatively poor quality, people rejected in the beginning, but then getting better and better the quality of Japanese products, and gradually gained the trust and love British people. Now, the British have generally agreed that inexpensive Chinese goods, their products have been gradually built up credibility.

Inexpensive Chinese goods is competitive advantage. Chinese businessmen told a British reporter that the British concept of consumption is relatively frugal, it is very popular good quality and cheap prices of Chinese goods. This is the Chinese goods in recent years in the UK market in the increasingly important reasons.

Currently, Britain has become China’s important trading partners in Western Europe one. According to the British Trade and Industry statistics, over the past 20 years, the middle-aged British trade volume increased by 10 times, China has become the UK’s 10th largest source of imports of goods, goods imported from China involving electrical appliances, office equipment, clothing, communication products, metal products, furniture, textiles, footwear, travel goods and so on.

Hum, British Ambassador to China once said, in the context of economic globalization, market economy, free competition is the trend. Chinese products into the UK, to meet the demand for good English, which is the continuous development of bilateral economic and trade relations between the root causes. He stressed that the Chinese products into the United Kingdom, the British economy and the manufacturing sector there is no threat. Britain Business Council Chairman Li Dingji also believe that after China’s accession to the WTO, more and more Chinese goods to enter the Western market, is very natural. Historically, this is not the first time.

Of course, Chinese products continue to expand market share in the UK also faces a series of challenges. Chinese Embassy Commercial Office official said, in the United Kingdom, Southeast Asia and Eastern European countries joined the EU in the products and Chinese goods more competitive market between. In addition, due to the slow growth of the British population, demand growth is relatively limited. Some non-tariff barriers and the UK trade association of many of the provisions also constitute obstruction of Chinese products into the local. Moreover, the quality of Chinese goods despite poor workmanship, innovative style, but the absence of strong brands, technical content is relatively low, so it is difficult access to luxury goods ranks.

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Why Are Her Kids Acting Like Animals

Shayna’s kids are acting like animals! Perhaps, because they are. No really, they are. While many of her friends were having multiple babies, Shayna decided to adopt multiple dogs. She said she wasn’t the type to have kids and despite the cultural expectation for women her age to give birth, she never heard that ‘internal clock’ ticking. Not one to give in to pressure and expectation, she happily has a husband and family of her own liking. Don’t tell Shayna her ‘kid’ is ugly, aggressive or just plain dumb, for she will defend like a mother bear for her cubs. These are not just her ‘dogs’, they are her babies. They are the first ones to greet her everyday upon arriving and leaving home. They never argue with her. They love to snuggle and give her kisses. If she’s having a bad day, they understand with their large marble eyes and crooked ears propped up, waiting to listen to her complaints.

Research indicates that having a pet is very therapeutic and actually relieves a lot of stress, can lower blood pressure and prolong life.

It’s like having a lifelong buddy who unconditionally loves you under any circumstances. For some people pets are their saving grace. They can brighten kids days in the hospital, make the elderly smile in homes, bring compassion in hard times and save lives (rescue, guard, seeing eye dogs). They are not judgmental on where they live. Have you ever seen homeless men walking with an unleashed dog by their side? They don’t run off and they don’t stray. It’s because that homeless guy is not just ‘homeless’, the dog sees a loyal parent.

So when one cold evening when Shayna arrived home, Mugsy wasn’t there with the others and she knew something was wrong.

She looked in every room until she saw him lying angelic like on the sofa, as if in deep sleep. Shayna’s memories came flooding in. Mugsy was there when she first moved out on her own. He was there when she graduated college. He was always there throughout the dating years anger and tears both! It seems a bit selfish to think of all the things Mugsy did for her, but that seemed to be Mugsy’s joy in life. He wouldn’t want it another way.

Shayna went through a depression. She didn’t think anyone would understand. Her friends would think it’s not like a ‘real’ human being, like if one of our children died. She agreed to an extent and then felt really guilty and ashamed. Others would think, just get another one. She felt alone without her Mugsy.

A loss of a loved one is hard. People go through different stages of grief, that are difficult but a normal process. People find their pets part of their family, and yes, can go through the same sadness as if losing a human family member or friend. Pets can bring a certain bond not like any other. There is nothing wrong with missing him/her and grieving. Just remember that you still have the warmth of your memories and made his/her life as well as yours a whole lot happier.

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