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Has debating the topic of adoption ever made you violent?

Question by magdalene: Has debating the topic of adoption ever made you violent?
I have had issues with my daughter, who adopted a child overseas against my say so. I am angry with her to the point of writing her out of my will and trying to get her out of my life. My friend came over and she kept trying to defend my daughter and adoption as a whole, which made me nearly slap her. I raised my hand to try to shut her up but I didn’t actually hit her. It just made me so angry that she would defend these scumbag adopters and agencies. Has anyone else ever felt the urge to slap people who defend those despicable people?

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Answer by Ryan
I think the real question here is why you have so much anger towards the concept of adoption and people who adopt.

It sounds like you’ve already lost a daughter and are on your way to losing a friend over these reactions. The anger you are experiencing is hurting your relationships with people. Look towards addressing that anger.

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Last year, Americans adopted nearly 13000 children from foreign countries. CBS News have uncovered some serious questions about the legitimacy of adoptions …

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is ti correct to say: I made a long-distance adoption?

Question by Cico Felipe Cayetano Lopez Martinez y Gonzales: is ti correct to say: I made a long-distance adoption?
or can I say it in a better way?

thank you

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Answer by distantsungrrl
Do you mean an adoption as in adopting a child? “Adopting internationally” would be the way then. You donĀ“t really say “make an adoption,” “to adopt” sounds better. So you could say “I adopted internationally.”

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British like “Made in China” products – Grooving Tool Manufacturer – China Metal Turning T

With the rapid development of Chinese economy, Chinese goods in recent years in the UK market share increase. Shopping in London, both in large department stores, or in the streets to spread the free market can always see the “Made in China.” Marks & Spencer, or Durban in South London department stores such as middle and low department store shelves, Chinese-made clothing, footwear, household and other light industrial goods abound. A resident in the UK for 20 years, said the Chinese, all these years, his house repairing the many things that are “Chinese goods.”

So, the British market, is how an array of Chinese goods to see it? Press once met at a craft store for the elderly in the purchase of a British-made craft pen holder. We asked him about his impression on Chinese goods. The old man very frankly and honestly say that he liked the penholder to produce sophisticated, compact shape.

He also said that the British attitude towards Chinese products, but also as in the past treated as Japanese products, is undergoing a process of change. Fifties and sixties of last century, Japanese products just entering the British market, the relatively poor quality, people rejected in the beginning, but then getting better and better the quality of Japanese products, and gradually gained the trust and love British people. Now, the British have generally agreed that inexpensive Chinese goods, their products have been gradually built up credibility.

Inexpensive Chinese goods is competitive advantage. Chinese businessmen told a British reporter that the British concept of consumption is relatively frugal, it is very popular good quality and cheap prices of Chinese goods. This is the Chinese goods in recent years in the UK market in the increasingly important reasons.

Currently, Britain has become China’s important trading partners in Western Europe one. According to the British Trade and Industry statistics, over the past 20 years, the middle-aged British trade volume increased by 10 times, China has become the UK’s 10th largest source of imports of goods, goods imported from China involving electrical appliances, office equipment, clothing, communication products, metal products, furniture, textiles, footwear, travel goods and so on.

Hum, British Ambassador to China once said, in the context of economic globalization, market economy, free competition is the trend. Chinese products into the UK, to meet the demand for good English, which is the continuous development of bilateral economic and trade relations between the root causes. He stressed that the Chinese products into the United Kingdom, the British economy and the manufacturing sector there is no threat. Britain Business Council Chairman Li Dingji also believe that after China’s accession to the WTO, more and more Chinese goods to enter the Western market, is very natural. Historically, this is not the first time.

Of course, Chinese products continue to expand market share in the UK also faces a series of challenges. Chinese Embassy Commercial Office official said, in the United Kingdom, Southeast Asia and Eastern European countries joined the EU in the products and Chinese goods more competitive market between. In addition, due to the slow growth of the British population, demand growth is relatively limited. Some non-tariff barriers and the UK trade association of many of the provisions also constitute obstruction of Chinese products into the local. Moreover, the quality of Chinese goods despite poor workmanship, innovative style, but the absence of strong brands, technical content is relatively low, so it is difficult access to luxury goods ranks.

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