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Healthy air quality, energy-saving purchase the “golden standard” – air conditioning, purchase, energy saving – HC Network Appliance

Hot, and many families want to take advantage of this rare “51” holiday for their home purchase or the replacement of air conditioning. Currently on the market about the concept of air conditioning a lot of different functions. The so-called turnip greens all have love, what you want to buy air-conditioning, to see what type you belong to the consumer, health, energy, performance, what is more valued.

  Healthy Choice Glanz Light Hot, and many families want to take advantage of this rare “51” holiday, for the love of home purchase or the replacement of air conditioning. Nowadays more and more attention in health, health is the preferred natural air conditioning. However, faced with all kinds of health of the market features air conditioning, a considerable part of consumers due to ignorance, it is difficult to make a choice, let us listen to the experts at the bar.

Recently, by the State Council Development Research Center, Institute of Market Economy “organized health technology development trend of China Air Conditioning Seminar” held in Beijing. Home appliances from China Academy of Chinese Consumer Electronics Association, the China Consumer Association and the Indoor Environment Monitoring Committee of China experts and scholars, the analysis of health status and development trend of conditioning, the air conditioning on full recognition of the technologically advanced nature of light and the use of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection.

Experts say the current market is flooded with new products with health features air conditioning, air-conditioning concepts for health consumers confused. The air conditioning manufacturers have introduced health, promoting healthy sterilization technology, in order to meet the consumer’s psychology, a considerable part of false hype.

China Indoor Environment Monitoring Committee Director Song Guangsheng pointed out that many healthy air conditioners, light air-conditioned living space meet people’s health needs, it is the biggest feature is the intelligent light sterilization technology and space technology for zero-bacteria completely inhibited fungal reproduction, kill bacteria indoors the virus. In the exchange and clean indoor air and antibacterial, sterilization, disinfection and achieved a revolutionary breakthrough. Among them, Galanz light air sterilization rate of 99.43%; same time, the light air in the ventilation, temperature control also has a very good performance.

It is understood that the international market situation, the light air-conditioning has become a popular trend, the trend is driven in 2004

Galanz air conditioning Became China’s first export of air-conditioning industry. Light air support in the international market has a strong premise, certainly made significant progress in the domestic market.

Glanz’s news from an area of 3,000 acres of new base Galanz air on February 1 this year put into production, a conservative estimate Galanz air conditioner sales in 2005 will reach 600 million units. Built in this than the new Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to even the “world’s largest air-conditioning manufacturing base”, all air-conditioned for high-end light manufacturing. Reporter Zhao Ping

Changhong air conditioner performance choice “8 years of constant performance is good air conditioning!” This is the commitment of Changhong is a boon for consumers. Changhong air conditioner in the “51” period, continue to intensify its efforts to promote air-conditioned section, in the “51” launch to consumers during the holiday Eight Gifts for the air to send promotional packages.

Area, according to Chang describes, this air-conditioned section starting from April 22 and runs through the whole “51” holiday, a period of two weeks. Changhong will be quality products during a selling point, the market for season

States United States , Suning

, Paradise, and Kawachi 1000 started strong marketing distribution network, launching the “buy air conditioner get insurance” etc.

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Owner received the “Innovative Design Star” award – the boss, kitchen, innovation – HC Network Appliance Industry

Recently, with China’s industrial design

Oscar Award known as the Fourth China Product Innovation Design (CIDF) Awards Presentation Ceremony held smoothly. Domestic kitchen electric industry, the boss on behalf of electrical products in winning the 738 # range hood Comprehensive Product Innovation Design Awards Gold Award, “the boss design

Team “At the same time received the” Innovative Design Star “award.

According to statistics, the next five years, China

Kitchen Industry will have 100 billion market share. A new round of technological innovation and

Capital Surge will appear, Market Kitchen Faced with high-end Brand Lead the market structure adjustment. Zhao Jihong, general manager of group marketing boss that good product design, product innovation and design should be to seek the best fit and function points, through the standardization of concepts, is the product to maintain vitality in the same “magic” and the brand continued to be the major factor. Our

Kitchen Environment will be to Health Energy-saving, beautiful personality style development.

“Wai Jia Quan”??? Outside the show innovative design

Healthy environment to create a kitchen, kitchen electric appearance and quality is very important. As the only authoritative domestic product industrial design competition, “the boss” 738 # range hood by academics and experts, judges and recognized by consumers, experts say, flat market for European range hood through rigorous tests to “boss” as the representative of kitchen electrical products R & D capabilities in brand already has a high level, honor the result of the acquisition will be welcomed.

Immediate hood market, design, product structure has embarked on a homogeneous narrow road, so instead make efforts in design, but ignored the design must be based on good results on the use of This has led many companies to give up the beautiful design of range hoods tend to use basic skills.

According to this reporter’s award-winning industrial design standards for that contest, outstanding product design must have innovative design and shape to match function.

“Boss” 738 # “yet simple” range hood is one outstanding product design. Zhao Jihong, told this reporter, “the boss” 738 # “is still simple,” range hood, follow the simple post-modern Scandinavian style, smooth lines, simple and clear. Attention to detail processing, guide the deformation of the oil tray has a beautiful design. The smoke chamber and housing a stretch forming techniques are used, no seams and corners, the perfect arc. Even more unique is the first application of air-level panel, with high purity, strength and toughness.

Reporter to learn more about the boss of electrical appliances are not limited to smoke innovative design brand this one. Electric boss recently introduced the “ultimate harmony” electric kitchen sets, electric hot pressure cooker and other small appliances, innovative design ideas are the product. “Boss design team” that the lack of national standards, should not be the enterprises do not pay attention to product quality reasons. Called kitchen electric brand development for enterprise development, standards, strict control of product

Make Process to the design of innovative brand-energize, to protect the interests of consumers.

“power within the family”??? Internal cultivation “Five Standard”

“Standardization provides businesses with a secure compliance with the framework, enterprises can develop according to their own reality different business processes.” Zhao Jihong, said the boss after many years of experience in electrical accumulation and innovation, the paper proposes five standard platform, the implementation of the standard Chinese, to ensure the quality of basic kitchen electric products, steadily moving closer to international standards.

“Standardization, is concisely in the internal balance, dynamic, open the power of the enterprise by the ‘standard of China’ end to the standard ‘international’ the right way.” Zhao Jihong introduction, five standard platform, safety standards, energy efficiency standards and environmental standards are the basis of product quality, health standards is to give consumers the ultimate goal of service standards are consistently throughout the product. Basic standard is to maintain product innovation vitality of magic, throughout the product design process, it is the standard system running smoothly, and constantly improve the important part.

Kitchen electrical product safety standards is the primary problem.

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Household electrical appliance enterprises operating profit contribution of the traditional “shrink”-TCL TV, Changhong TV – Network

(000 100) less than traditional business profit contribution

2007 TCL Group annual report, the company achieved net profit of 395.8156 million yuan, reversing two consecutive years of losses. As

TV Business continued losses, the profit contribution of traditional business is obviously insufficient, and accounted for Nearly half net profit and investment real estate, logistics services, small business, and the stability of the remaining proceeds are insufficient, the company lifted despite delisting risk, but it is still difficult to achieve sustained business growth.

The reporting period the company achieved operating income of 39,063,000,000 yuan. Among them, multi-media electronics industry revenues of 20.717 billion yuan, 54.4% of total revenue, compared with 2006, down 9.25 percentage points.

TV business overall decline in sales in the domestic market in 2007 to 7.14 million units, down 10.5%; Europe, North America, emerging markets and strategic OEM sales decreased 50.6%, 45.1%, 23.3% and 57.3%.

TV to present the company CRT Mainly in 2007 TCL Group 15 million units of color TV sales, the LCD TV only 8%. If the higher margin sales of LCD TVs in the short term increase delays, and other domestic color TV manufacturers in the competition, TCL fear will again fall on the next wind.

TV business is currently still on the company lost money, the only good news is that in the highly competitive TV market in China, TCL’s brand market share of about 19.4%, compared to 18% in 2006, up 1.4 percentage points.

2007, the company real estate and investment as well as logistics and services business were substantial increases in sales revenue of 559 million yuan respectively, and 5.355 billion yuan, the ratio of total revenue, respectively 1.47% and 14.06%, total contribution to net profit 190 million yuan, accounting for 47% of the total net profit.

Reporting period to full contraction of international and domestic telecommunications business multimedia services, computer company through transfer of shares, closed TTE European operations and other measures, the progressive realization of “downsizing plan.” Thus, in 2007, communications,

Home Appliances And parts industries have different degrees year on year decline.

Company mobile phones to 11.9 million units sold throughout the year, achieved sales of 4.825 billion yuan, down 11.4%.

Household Appliance Industry in 2007 sales revenue of 3.816 billion yuan, down 7.41%, decline in sales that the company has yet to improve product competitiveness.

Current cash flow situation is worrying, and in 2007 the company net cash flow from operating activities was -2.84 billion, relying as much as 4.484 billion yuan of new loans before the stock guarantee adequate funding. And 72.65% of the asset liability ratio and quick ratio 0.84 shows that both long-term debt or short-term risks are not be overlooked.

Sichuan Chang (6.90, -0.35, -4.83%) (600 839)

Poor TV growth Reporting period, the company’s 2007 operating income of 23.047 billion yuan, up 21.99%; net profit of 337 million yuan, up 47.14 percent over 2006.

With Refrigerator

, Mobile phones and IT operations to achieve such rapid development, the company earnings in 2007 constitute the presence of related diversification characteristics. Sales of the traditional TV business total revenue increased from 51% in 2006 to 47%; refrigerator, phone and IT services sales increased by 76.3% year on year, 56.16% and 7.86%, total revenue increased accordingly .

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quot;Returnees” rice cooker upgrade storm caused Hung Chi – Hung Chi, rice cookers, small appliances – HC Network Appliance Industry

Strong appeal: China

Rice cooker

Urgent need to upgrade! This caused uproar industry, and its theme held throughout the country as a “renowned European and American roots in China,” the rice cooker upgrade activity, it is attracted great praise from consumers.

Learned that Hung Chi has always been its export-oriented electrical appliances, is a export over 50 million U.S. dollars of export-oriented enterprises. Hong-Chi’s customers on five continents around the world, mainly Europe and the Americas, large chains, including WALL-MART (


), K-MART (Kmart), IKEA (


) And A-RGOS (Yage Shi), and some of the major known


Overseas importers. According to statistics, in Europe and the United States, an average of every 10 households had a household rice cooker using the Chi-hung! For these reasons,


That the Hong Chi-depth understanding of foreign markets in the context of the urgent need to upgrade the Chinese market will be the party’s call attention to reverse its strategy from exports to domestic sales, China’s small household appliance market will also bring great impact .

Hung Chi launched a nationwide upgrade activities to “kitchen of the companion series of luxury electric rice cooker thick kettle” and “Platinum Series Oval Kitchen Po electron cooker” for the demonstration products to “rice cooker pressure valve, large curved heating element, thick tank liner “to highlight the three major upgrades.

Through understanding, Hung Chi, “the companion thick kitchen kettle series luxury electric rice cooker,” the activities of its flagship product upgrade. It is refined and elegant design Jasmine Green, 2.4mm thick tank liner, alloys,


Environmental protection; another three-dimensional heating, cooking rapid and uniform, so that rice crystal; pressure steam valves, use of fuzzy logic control; recessed heating element design, improving thermal efficiency, adequate nutrition to keep dishes; more intelligent temperature control to prevent the coke Paste spillover; In addition it has soup, congee, cooking a variety of cooking function, multi-security design, consumers with more confidence.

The “Platinum Series Oval Kitchen Po electron stew pot,” consumers also have a unique appeal.

It is the overall European trend, with

Stainless steel

Fine wire drawing designs; the bowl with high temperature enamel, in line with international health standards; surface smooth as jade, stew without odor; the other with the inner pot handle, and convenient to mention take; and surround heating, heat the food uniform, efficient delicious; transparent


Cover, not to mention get hot; large capacity, and has never favored family; another high, low, automatic third gear firepower adjustment, easy to use quickly.

In addition, Chi-hung variety of new products recently introduced the 10 rice cooker, pot and more are available, do the cake, no kettle of chicken and so on, and the other equipped with removable and washable-type pot cover, for consumers in great benefits. In short, the upgrading of the rice cooker, in a blow to the market to


Pressure on opponents, while, more importantly, to the great surprise of China’s consumers.

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