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Q&A: Would like to adopt a child from India…need some information please!?

Question by Jess: Would like to adopt a child from India…need some information please!?
I am getting married in less than 2 months and my fiance and i are beginning to look into adoption organizations in India.

I am aware that we will not be considered for application until we’ve been married for approximately 2 years….but we’re doing the research now so when we do want to adopt, we will have a plan.

The problem we’ve been encountering is that many adoption agencies give preference to Indian families in inter-country adoptions. My fiance and I are Bosnian, and Swedish, respectively, so we’re finding it difficult to find an agency that would be willing to work with us.

If you’ve adopted from India, know someone who has, or are otherwise familiar with the process I would be very appreciative if you could share what you know.

Thanks so much for all of your help!
Just in case it comes up again; We are not adopting from India solely because we want to “help” the less fortunate. If that was our sole motivation we wpuld not be focused on any particular country and would likely adopt from the US.

The truth of the matter is that both my fiance and I traveled to India about 5 years ago and fell in love with the people, and culture.

And by the way…the United States isn’t recognized as being overpopulated. Our population density/square mile is less than virtually every developed country. But thanks for your concern.
…I should’ve clarified, we are citizens of and are living in the U.S.
To the final comment; your answer presupposes that every race is distinguishable from one another beginning at birth. Your asenine response exemplifies the epitome of American ignorance. If my husband and I were to adopt an infant from India (or any other country for that matter) we would be as qualified to raise that child as a child from Bosnia, Sweden, or the U.S.

How do you explain that so many children adopted from other nations live happy, well-adjusted lives when their parents are from a different “culture” than their own?

If you were a knowledgable human rights activist you would understand that culture is acquired, not innate, therefore a child from India could be raised as an American without any repercussions…just as an American child could be raised in India without any ill-effects or counter-culturally turmoil.

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Answer by chase r
I know its all good to try to help people, but adopting from other countries is just overpopulating the U.S, adopt in the U.S

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Domestic/International Adoption

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Adoptees! Read this please! :)?

Question by M M: Adoptees! Read this please! :)?
I’ve always been interested in adoption especially international adoption of special needs and adoptions from the U.S. Of older children. I am Caucasian and I would like to know how adoptees from transracial adoptions feel about your situation of international transracial adoption. Did you have identity problems? How do you feel? If I adopted a child of another race I would try my best to incorporate as much from that culture and teach these kids to be proud of who they are. Also anyone adopted as an older American child. How did you feel about your new home, family, and situation. All answers are appreciated!!! Thank you! 🙂

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Answer by Astrid
Go on to Youtube and put in “trans-racial adoption”.
There is a great series of videos posted by experts in this, as well as personal interviews with adopted children who are now adults.

Keep in mind that the world is changing and growing in multi -culturalism and a child born now will not face the same issues with race, culture and such that those born in the 80s and 90s did.
Adoption and multi-cultural families are becoming so common now.

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Adoption? How do you do it? Please help!!!!?

Question by ellacoolgirl: Adoption? How do you do it? Please help!!!!?
how do you go about adopting a baby or kid?

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Answer by Queen SarcasticCat
Go to Craig’s list…

Seriously, you need an attorney first, then contact a legitimate agency.

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Child adoption is a long process requiring extensive paperwork and a variety of steps, from social worker visits to traveling internationally. Discover the s…

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