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Sydney Gay Adoption?

Question by milo: Sydney Gay Adoption?
I am enquiring, what are the rules for adoption for myself and my partner?

We are going to live in Sydney, and we are very keen to adopt a child and do not know the proceudres? and rules?
We have been in a very stable gay relationship, we have also been married in the UK (gay marriage / civil partnership)

We are moving to Australia from the UK (I am an Australian citizen)

Can we adopt in Australia?
Who should we apply to adopt?
If we adopt overseas can we still bring our child to Australia?

Any information would be appreciated and look forward hearing from someone soon on how we can adopt.

Best answer:

Answer by joslin
I found this in Wikipedia:

Adoption for same-gender couples:

Adoption for same-sex couples is currently available only in one state and one territory and Victoria (Australia) (from December 2007). Regarding Tasmania, only stepchild adoption is possible regardless of gender. The Commonwealth or federal government of Australia plans the make all overseas adoption of children for same-sex couples illegal from 1 January 2008 under a new ‘provision’ or ‘Amendment’ of the Family Law Act[citation needed].

Status in the States and Territories
Full adoption available;

Australian Capital Territory (2006)
Western Australia (2002)
Victoria (from December 2007)
Step child adoption only;

Tasmania (2004)

New South Wales
South Australia
Illegal to allow same-gender couples to adopt children;

Northern Territory
References and sources

In addition, I understand it is very difficult to adopt in general in the UK.

You might want to research where you want to live if you are set on adopting! Just google “Same Sex Adoption” then the location and read about what the specific ruling and climate for adoption is there.

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