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What truly is “Anti-adoption” and would you consider yourself?

Question by …: What truly is “Anti-adoption” and would you consider yourself?
to be “Anti-adoption”.

Please leave your opinions of other people out of this, what do YOU consider yourself to be even if not “Anti-adoption”?
may I ask, under what circumstance do you feel adoptions are okay?

Best answer:

Answer by DevonChaos
I try not to put a label to my beliefs because then people will assume I believe in certain ideas based on that label.

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Preparing Yourself For Foster Care Adoption

Are you happily married yet feel like there is something – rather, someone – missing in the family? If so, you two just might be one of those couples who are ready to welcome a child in their family. However, if it is not in the mother’s wishes to get pregnant herself or perhaps there are certain biological complications preventing conception, then the two of you should consider going for foster care adoption.

Many couples are confused about the difference between this and regular adoption. It’s pretty simple, really – with regular adoption, you get full legal, financial, and decision-making responsibility for the child who will be placed in your care. Also, the goal is not to eventually reunite the child with his original family, but for him or her to become a permanent member of yours.

The beauty of foster care is that it is a win-win situation for both the child and the foster parents.

Couples who have long wished for a child of their own but do not have the capacity to produce any are able to experience caring for and loving a child who is practically their own by commitment. Foster children, on the other hand, are able to experience the love and the warmth of doting parents, and are brought up in a very secure, yet fulfilling environment.

Are you in the process of preparing yourself for foster care adoption as a parent? If so, remember that there are many things you should consider before making a final decision. Adoption is a big step and will affect not just you, but the rest of your family. If you have children already, this is also a topic that needs to be broached to them so that they are open about it. In this stage, open communication is very important not just between you and your spouse, but between you and every single member of your family.

Remember, you need just as much support as the child who may just become part of your lives forever.

Foster parents need to be certain that they are at a point in their lives where they are physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially ready to take on a child (or another one, if there are already children). By entering into a foster care commitment, you are agreeing to support a child in all aspects. If this is something you cannot yet guarantee, then this isn’t the right time to consider adoption. It is only fair for the child to receive 100% care and commitment from his or her foster parents.

At the end of the day, whether or not you are ready for foster care adoption is really up to you and your spouse. If you feel that this is right for you, this can be a wonderful opportunity to fulfill you and your partner’s desire to have a child and, at the same time, take care of a child in need of a home.

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Meeting Your Adoptive Child For The First Time – How To Prepare Yourself

One of the goals that prospective parents have is getting to meet the child they are considering adopting, a child who will become special to them. This makes all the time and lengthy procedure all worthwhile in the end. Once the adoption agency have informed the couple that they are to meet the child, this becomes their priority.

There could be an advantage to private adoption. Prospective parents may be able to meet the birth mother of their adoptive child, as the adoption process is usually more open. A relationship can then be formed between them so that trust can be built up. If the mother is still pregnant, they can share the pregnancy and some can even witness the birth of the child they are adopting. This is an extraordinary moment for any adoptive parents to witness as they can meet their baby as soon as it is born.

Their are opportunities for parents adopting internationally to meet their child, but usually their first visual sighting is of a photo. The photos are provided by the relevant adoption agency, and this is enough to stir up excitement and anticipation in the parents to be. The concept of meeting their child for the first time is once which is indescribeable and unique to each couple. Once all the relevant paperwork has been completed and passed through, the couple usually have to travel to the child’s home country to meet them initially. This is necessary so that they can see the child in their own native homeland and within their own culture. The parents to be can then experience and learn about the culture and customs of the child in their own country. This is also the ideal opportunity to meet the child they have seen and heard so much about for the first time. The child is also given a chance to meet their new parents, although the language barrier could pose a problem. Usually, an interpreter is provided for such an occasion. Meeting their child for the first time brings great joy for any parents to be, knowing that this is the child they can in the future take home to nurture and care for as their own. As the adoption process focusses on all the homework and the legal documents that need to be processed, the adoptive parents only have a photo of the child to motivate them. All the challenges and the hard work pays off at the end, when the parents to be finally get to meet and hold their adoptive child for the first time.

All sorts of emotions are unleashed when meeting your adoptive child at the first meeting. To most it has taken years of applications, being screened with home assessments, medical and any criminal backgrounds being checked out and watching your life savings deplete, so a flood of emotions are released. Any worries or stress that came in relation to the adoption process, are soon erased when meeting your adoptive child for the very first time. The very first meeting needs the adoptive parents to be understanding and most of all patient.

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