The ways Adopted Children Feel and Think

Does family only mean having a biological father and mother? What about the children who are adopted? Don’t they have the equal right over their parents in the same way biological children have? We miss the absence of our parents when we stay away from them. We wish them to be with us during the ups and downs of our lives. Has anybody ever thought about the orphans? Whom do they miss when they feel low? Unfortunately, they have nobody to share their problems. They themselves solve all their problems, not because they don’t like taking anybody’s help but they don’t have anyone to take help from.

Though, there are many cases of adoption of children, but the question is that whether adopted children get the same affection and care from the parents? Well, I myself is an adopted child of my parents but I never felt any difference in the ways of I have been brought up by my parents and the way my friends or cousins have been brought up by their parents. People say, adopted children are discriminated by their parents but nothing of that sort ever happened with me.

Children are adopted under many circumstances. Adoptions are mainly dealt by government agencies or private groups. These groups or agencies investigate the people who want to adopt a child. Before they adopt a child, adoption workers find out a lot of information about the adoptive couple. They check if any of the parents had ever committed any sort of crime. They don’t let people to adopt kids who cannot take care of them. Many times, the adoptive couples need to meet with social workers and others to explain them why they want to adopt a child. They are asked many questions regarding parenting.

The agencies and groups cross-check whether children are adopted into homes or not where they will grow up safely and in a happy way. These information are checked to make sure whether the children are going in the right hands or not because many times it has been found out that children are sold in other countries.

While adopting a kid, one thing should always be kept in mind that children never should get the feeling of discriminated by their parents once they have been adopted. They rather should give them the equal affection and love which they give to their own kids.

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