What adoption agency is good for infant adoption?

Question by araya1124: What adoption agency is good for infant adoption?
My husband and l live in Pennsylvania and would like good or bad experience for domestic or international adoption and which agency would be good to work with

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17 thoughts on “What adoption agency is good for infant adoption?”

  1. The Adoption Consultancy is in Florida but they help find you the best,legitimate resources in any state. They have worked with agencies and lawyers from most states. So far they have worked out for us, we are in Colorado. We are only in the home study part of the adoption process. So we cannot say for sure that they are great until an adoption is complete. Depending on how fast you are at getting paperwork done you can be ready to adopt in a couple of months. AND if someone has already chosen you it is possible to have that whole process done in a VERY short time. The homestudy has to be done before ANY adoption can happen.

  2. I know that there is a Bethany Christian Services that is an adoption agency. I had friends go through them in DE and adopted 2 kids. I heard great things from them. Usually you get to know the parents before the baby is born depending if you choose so.

    There are always stories that are negative that come with adopting and it will happen. Its a big choice to make and something to really weigh out if your able to take on such things. EXAMPLE.. a friend adopted a child from Russia who was tied to his bed at night so in his sleep for many years in the states he kept his hands to his side and rocked in his sleep.

    Another example are my twin nephews who was adopted and the mother was on drugs during her pregnancy. It wasn’t proven because they were young but now that they are in preschool/kindergarten age they are having problems in school. My family is embracing it and working with them to give them a fair chance in life and to feel equal. Its been tough on them and there has been fights int he house because the boys are a lot to handle at times. One is hyper active and another has separation anxiety. So they are working on those things.. in the end its about giving a child a chance to have a family and to learn and to have equality. If that is something you want to do then go for it.. Its same as delivering your own. A real mother wouldn’t pass her child up to the system because they have a deformity or mental retardation. You would accept it because you created it. So you have a chance to have problems with your own child. It would be good to get a book or two on adoption and read about the pros nad cons.. Your able to adopt through your state which is usually very cheap compared to overseas which way to much to help another child. Most fees go to lawyer fees.

  3. NONE OF THEM!!!!!!! Let me make this perfectly clear: Adoption is a for profit business. Bethany Christian Services is horrible. I know of three individual birth mothers who were coerced into relinquishing their babies through Bethany. While still under the sedatives and muscle relaxants from delivery, the Bethany case workers are right there to have the papers signed, and scoop the baby away. The moms don’t even get an opportunity to hold their baby. Oh, and of course they promise an “open adoption” which is pure bullshit as open adoptions are not legally binding and the case workers from Bethany are prone to changing personal information. They have the philosophy that once you have bought your baby, and the check clears, the baby is yours and the birth mother’s are nothing more than birthers.

    You will find this at every Christian adoption agency. Also, avoid the NCFA – National Council for Adoption. They sell more babies than anyone and have turned adoption into a multi-million dollar industry.

  4. None. Mothers should be encouraged and supported to be parents not made to feel they wont be good enough mothers just to supply adopters with babies. Adoption from foster care is a far better option as these children really do need a loving family.

  5. it makes me want to cry seeing all the babies here, i cant begin to think what it must feel for the parents who had to let them go, it is my dream to adopt a baby in future!!

  6. Much better condition than Vietnamese communist Orphanage Center. In Vietnam No Love Just money..and after American families visiting then Beat up and kids abuse….Wish you can hear what the Nannies said to the kids…

  7. Hello,
    This is the place that I was in 21 years ago… I’m still looking for a way to contact my birth parents, however, I havent been so lucky… It’s a very toching video for me…

    Lim Yeong Hwan

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