What are the Negative sides of Adoption?

Question by Yabyub: What are the Negative sides of Adoption?
I have to do a report on complaints about adoption… I’m having a hard time finding informational sites… Does anyone have a site recommendation, or some information that can help me out?

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Answer by littleamylouise
I don’t know of any sites but my partner was adopted and I know that he resents his birth parents for it, mostly his mother. I hope this helps

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YES there will be a baby #3!! However, we are going to adopt!!! ­čÖé
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14 thoughts on “What are the Negative sides of Adoption?”

  1. Yes adoption can turn out to be a pretty risky business. Me and my wife, patunia, adopted what looked like a lovely little boy called Henry 15 years ago. After a couple of months though things started to change. His skin started comeing out green, and even though he is still 15 we still have to feed him through metal bars as he is extremely viscios. We contacted social services but they have no record of where he came from. After many scientific tests it turns out that he may the offspring of Sauron from middle earth. As you can see you never know what you are adopting.


    I think it is highly-unthoughtful of you marking me down for me spending the time to share my traumatic experience with you.

  2. The abundance of scam artist “birthmothers”
    The higher cost of “in demand” babies of certain races
    The high cost of agency fees
    Agencies who scam couples
    How complicated the process can be
    How long it takes to adopt internationally

  3. I KNOW that there are a lot of adoptees that are not happy, for one reason or another, but it does seem to me that this is the universal response- I used to counsel women who were in crisis pregnancies, and they would, more times than not, be very negative toward adoption- they would rather abort than place for adoption- however I can honestly say, “I AM THANKFUL FOR THE LIFE THAT MY BIRTH MOM GAVE ME.” I had such a good adoption experience, that my hubby and I decided to adopt our 2 children- and if we could have had biological children. Please in the name of all that is good- look for the good as well

  4. You make a great point. All though the process can be just as tedius, there´╗┐ are many babies in other countries that are just as deserving of a family. Babies that might not otherwise get a fighting chance at life due to their surroundings and lack of proper upbringing.

  5. I would also love info as you find it! I am in California so I dont know how the information will be different. Are you not interested in international adoptions? Its totally´╗┐ a personal prefference for that but I think the process can be much faster because there are LOTS of babies in other countries that would not ever know what life outside of a third world orphanage would be like without american families adopting! :o) I want to adopt at least one child as well! I am open to all ways!

  6. That’s exactly what popped into my mind too…she has a specific video on the steps they are taking for their second´╗┐ adoption.

  7. I’m excited for you! We adopted our son almost a year´╗┐ ago (domestic open adoption at birth) – the biggest blessing of our lives! Let me know if I can help you in any way!

  8. I think thats probably in most cases´╗┐ the best too, just so if the child ever had questions then they could have the option of getting an answer. So excited for you! ­čÖé

  9. Please do videos on what you find out with research….I have looked into it but havent´╗┐ really came up with anything in Alabama.

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